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Tacx Galaxia Rollers

Tacx Galaxia Rollers
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Amazing new rollers from Tacx that actually move with the rider!
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  • These revolutionary new rollers by Tacx move with the rider.
  • You can sprint, and stand on the pedals without having to be afraid of falling.
  • You can move more freely, because training on the Galaxia is as close as you can get to the natural feeling of the road.
  • Thanks to the kinetic energy that is created during acceleration, the trainer moves forward.
  • When slowing down, the trainer moves backward again.
  • This invention is so unique that it has been patented by Tacx.
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***** on 27/10/2014

Fast delivery. The rollers are easy to put together and set up. They take a bit of getting used to but over time you get a good work out from them

**** on 22/09/2014

Very tricky to use at first and nearly gave up, but after a few false starts really pleased with it. Make sure you are in a doorway for the first few times you use it

***** on 26/08/2014

Good rollers - I can get these up to 240 watts with 100 RPM... so that is about it. If you need more watt, you probably need rollers with resistance.

***** on 15/01/2014

I saw my brother in-law at x max and discussed "rollers" with him after viewing them on youtube. He said he borrowed one and found it very hard to use as a lot of concentration was needed to stay balanced although, he found his cadence and hill claiming ability improved. I decided to invest in the Tacx Galaxia and took a little bit of effort getting use too. Better to use between door aperture, at very least by a wall. 3 x 15 min stints and extreme balance is needed at first, but found it helped as balance/confidence was greatly improved when riding on road and my cadence as gone up like crazy. The movement on the Galaxia additional rollers made it feel more "road" like. Wonderful bit of kit

**** on 06/01/2014

I was happy with the very speedy delivery and price offered by Merlin Cycles. I had them within a few days of placing my order.
The rollers are easy enough to set up but I found that the supplied instructions could be more informative for people not used to rollers.
The rollers just fit my bike which is a Giant TCR Road bike with a medium frame. If you have a smaller bike with a shorter wheelbase you might just make sure they will work for you before buying them.
The one problem I have had with these rollers is that I sometimes come off the back of them especially if I am trying to ride out of the saddle. I am using these rollers on a tiled floor so maybe this is a bit slippery and allows the frame of the rollers to slide forward. I have tried using a mat underneath the rollers but this tends to bunch up with the motion of the rollers and rubs against the band which then makes a lot of noise. This did not happen with an Elite roller that I tried before purchasing the Tacx Galaxia.
These rollers are also trickier to stay in the centered on when riding with one hand on the bars to take a drink or whatever. I was able to do this on the Elite brand after a few sessions. After about 10 hours on the Galaxia I am unable to take a hand off the bars for more than a few seconds.
The rollers provide a decent workout and you can really feel it in your legs when you are trying to spin your highest gear for a long period of time. They are mostly suited for cardio work and high cadence riding in lower gears as they don't have any extra resistance. I found that if you really try and push yourself and get upto speeds of 60kph plus things become quite unstable and you will be almost spinning out of the gear and bouncing out of the saddle. I find that the workout requires a lot of
concentration and this keeps you interested as you are not just sitting there turning the pedals like on a turbo trainer.

Overall I would recommend these rollers and Merlin Cycles were priced keenly and less expensive than some of the other online suppliers. I think the Galaxia model offers more options once you have mastered riding on them. I am still riding with a wall on one side and countertop on the other side until I become more comfortable on them.

***** on 29/10/2013

Decided on the Galaxia rollers after seeing the deal Merlin were offering online over the basic rollers and really pleased with them. So easy to assemble my 14yr old son built them and they fold nice and compact. They take a bit of getting used to but after 3 half hour sessions I felt comfortable with them ( they do feel alien at first! ) they ARE going to be a great winter training aid for me though. Well done Tacx and Merlin!.

**** on 22/10/2013

These are my 1st set of rollers & I'm impressed. Easy to set up, did take some getting used to though as I hadn't used rollers before. Good build quality as well.

***** on 19/06/2012

Ordered an item from your shop at price no one else could come close to. Placed the order on Friday, shipped free to the USA and arrived the next Monday. Unbelievable!

**** on 18/06/2012

These are my first set of rollers and like a lot of other people I was able to get going fairly comfortably within 15 minutes. After three hours I can watch TV, grab my bidon and wipe my brow with a towel. I haven't been brave enough to get out of the saddle yet but I'll be able to do this soon with practice. The rocking motion works really well and at high cadence you still get plenty of feedback to improve your pedaling action. On the downside the frame is a lightweight plastic and doesn't feel very strong to stand on to mount the rollers without the aid of a step. It also doesn't extend far enough to accommodate my medium 29er mtb which I feel would help me practice mounting and getting out of the saddle. They're a great product that I highly recommend.

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