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Tate Labs The Bar Fly 2.0

RRP: $28.39
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RRP: $28.39
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RRP: $28.39
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RRP: $28.39
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Tate Labs The Bar Fly 2.0
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The Bar Fly 2.0 is designed with an aerodynamic low profile that places the Garmin Computer screen inline, out front, and level with the handlebar/stem. Wether you are using the Garmin 200/500 or larger 510/800/810, our clever Dual Mounting Position design is optimized with no screws to lose and no bolts to adjust.         

  •         With Bar Fly products there is always zero risk of over-tightening.
  •         Carbon handlebar safe.
  •         Single bolt, full wrap clamp is easy to install without removing the handlebar tape.
  •         New design with a lower more aerodynamic profile.
  •         Dual Positions Optimized for Garmin Edge 200/500 and 510/800/810.
  •         Positive Engagement with a Click.
  •         Integration with Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS modules.
  •         Full wrap clamp will never fall off.
  •         22 grams.
  •         Made in the USA.
  •         "Buy one you're done" lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy.

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***** on 01/05/2015

Great solution to the Garmin placement conundrum. Light, easy to fit, and unlikely to damage your Garmin.

***** on 21/01/2015

Perfect, piece of cake to fit as it expands to go over the bars which means you don't have to remove everything.

***** on 17/07/2014

A well thought out product which is good value compared with some products out there

***** on 13/05/2014

One of those simple but effective products. It holds my Garmin Edge 500 where I can see it. Seems rock solid. And it survived a recent crash unscathed. The Garmin-branded equivalent is more expensive and doesn't look particularly better.

***** on 21/01/2014

Extremely pleased with the Barfly. In fact I think it is better than I expected & I have had a lot of interest from my ride group & some that have the alloy holders .

***** on 05/09/2013

Simple but well made, robust, holder for Garmin. Securely holds it in place, in a great position - out front of the handlebars but with the mounting below the level of the handlebars so that the garmin screen itself is level with them.

**** on 04/09/2013

Great product, much more natural viewing position. Not cheap for what it is, but worth it in my opinion.

***** on 03/09/2013

I originally wanted to buy one of the alloy mounts but after a little research discovered that they could damage the mount on the Garmin,.
A combination of the price at Merlin and reviews swayed me towards the Barfly. I have to say I am very pleased with the mount, it is light, very sturdy when clamped on the bar, and my Garmin Edge locks in to place with a very sucure feel . I have no worries about it becomming dislodged as it seems more secure than the original Garmin cup mount.
It places the GPS a little further out front making it much easier to see the screen and it can be angled so that you do not see the sky reflected.
The added bonus for me is a flat area under the mount with slots for zip ties specifically designed to secure the electric module for my bikes electronic gears, keeping the whole front area more tidy

***** on 03/09/2013

Have used the older Bar Fly 1 version for years and that was a great piece of kit. This is even better as it holds the GPS down a bit lower and out of the way. Also, I have an Edge 800 and this used to catch on the stem bolts at certain tilts and affect your choice of mounting angle. This new one allows full adaptability of angle as it has a clever dual position mounting slot. Advantage of the Bar Fly over rival alloy ones is that the mount does not take wear the back of your Garmin (tight fitting metal on plastic) so if you want to go back to normal Garmin mount it remains tight fitting and rattle free.

***** on 08/08/2013

A great piece of kit. Firmly holds my 510 in place at the right angle to see it properly. Well made too.

***** on 06/08/2013

Brilliant! What more can I say. Well made, easy to fit & places your Garmin in the perfect line of sight. Mine loosened off slightly mid ride, but I think I had been overly cautious on tightening & with the combination of poor lakes road surfaces didn't help. Also with the added bonus of Tate Labs lifetime guarantee, never having to replace it all adds up to a perfect buy! Just waiting now for the Bar Fly 3.0 MTB to see what that's like.

***** on 02/08/2013

Fantastic product! Simple to fit and does exactly what it's supposed to. Much better having the Garmin out front of the bars rather than on the stem, makes it much easier to see. Cheaper than the official Garmin mount and has two mounting points for the Garmin so Edge 500 or 800 both mount neatly. Service from Merlin was first class as usual!!!

***** on 01/08/2013

An essential purchase if you own a Garmin. Places your Garmin (500/510/800/810) so its out front and in line with your stem (which is an improvement over the previous version which placed the Garmin higher than the stem). I like it that there are two alternative sections for Garmin attachment; one for the Garmin 500/510 and one for the larger 800/810, which makes it convenient when swapping between the two and makes installation very easy. Its extremely secure on the bar and the Garmin clicks satisfyingly into place (again in contrast to the previous version). Once your Garmin is attached you can barely see the mount which makes it nice and discreet. I own the Barfly 1.1, K-edge mount and now the barfly 2.0 and can honestly say that the 2.0 is the best of the lot! Again super quick delivery from Merlin cycles!

***** on 31/07/2013

Great piece of kit that now means I can actually look down at my Garmin on a descent, and still keep half an eye on the road ahead.
I have an Edge 500, and the fit is just great. I just hope that it retains it's strength, with it being basically hard plastic.
Looks good as well, as it keeps your Garmin low and inline with the stem. And as we all know, cyclists like their aesthetics !

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