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Torq Energy Gel - 45g

Black Cherry / Yoghurt
RRP: $2.40
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Orange / Banana
RRP: $2.40
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Rhubarb / Custard
RRP: $2.40
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Strawberry / Yoghurt
RRP: $2.40
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Raspberry / Ripple
RRP: $2.40
Save 16%
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Apple / Crumble
RRP: $2.40
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Torq Energy Gel - £1.22 each (when you buy 20)
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  • Fast-Delivery 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose carbohydrate energy gel with 5 key electrolytes and natural flavours. 
  • Light on the stomach and with a very thin consistency for ease of consumption. 
  • 30g of carbohydrate per serve makes this better value than most gels on the market.
  • One TORQ gel = 1 TORQ Unit

Add 5,10 or 20 gels to the basket and Save on Unit Price....The more you buy the more you save!!!!

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***** on 11/05/2015

Great tasting and much more palatable than some others I've tried. Good carbohydrate content too.

***** on 04/05/2015

Love the gels, already bought these previous to order, but ordered all the flavours and I am very happy with all the flavours plus they're gluten and dairy free

***** on 02/04/2015

Great gel gentle on the stomach, for those that have struggled with other gels.

***** on 30/03/2015

The tastiest gels that I've found. Delicious flavours and quite a light mixture that doesn't leave a thick layer or after-taste in your mouth.

***** on 25/03/2015

I have been using Torq Gels for a couple of years and find they have the nicest flavours and my stomach can handle them which is even more important, having tried others before and had a couple of upsets in the stomach area.

***** on 21/03/2015

By far the best tasting Gels on the market..especially the Rhubarb & Custard, glorious

***** on 04/03/2015

These Gels Rock.. Taste great, Go down easy and give you a great boost of energy. Best gel I have tasted!

***** on 24/02/2015

Great range of flavours that always seem like a treat. Goes down easy and doesn't make your teeth feel like they're about to fall out.

**** on 27/01/2015

I have been using energy gels for a number of years now and haven`t found any that taste the same as they say on the packet, majority of the other gels are sickly and leave an after taste in your mouth. Torq on the other hand appear to have got the taste right, what it say on the outside is what it tastes on the inside, easy to swallow without leaving an taste... I would recommend these.

***** on 14/12/2014

Find the raspberry ripple a bit sweet but love the rest. I find the viscosity just a bit thin, it tends to go on my fingers if I'm not really careful, but my partner thinks that they are perfect.

***** on 10/11/2014

The most palatable gels I have found, and they do the job

***** on 14/10/2014

The only gels I'll use, the rhubarb & custard is fantastic!!

***** on 19/09/2014

Very good gel, great taste not to sticky and good size.

***** on 21/08/2014

Torq are my preferred energy supplement. They do the biz with natural ingredients and taste great to boot.

***** on 30/07/2014

Wow! The Rhubarb & Custard gel has to be the tastiest gel I've ever had!

***** on 23/07/2014

I only use gels in emergencies and have only reached for this once. The raspberry one is exceedingly tasty and gave me the boost I needed after the real food had run out. Thinner product than the Clif Bar Energy Gel I've also used, I like that and the taste over the Clif but the nutritional numbers are in favor of the Clif.

***** on 20/07/2014

Rhubarb and custard ones are delicious - taste just like the boiled sweets, very easy to take on!

***** on 12/07/2014

Very good tasting and works well too,will be buying some more

***** on 09/07/2014

Actually tastes as name says, easy to tear top off, pleasant texture in the mouth unlike some gels that make me want to vomit

***** on 26/06/2014

Love Torq stuff. Pop this in the tank and it'll keep you turning the pedals out on those longer rides. These are also some of the nicest tasting gels on the market. Not found a Torq product yet I don't like, highly recommend!!!

***** on 25/06/2014

Good tasting gel. Very light and tasty. Doesn't leave you gagging. Easy to open on the move. Yep..recommend

***** on 14/02/2014

Fantastic product. The taste is by far the best out there. Just what you need during those long rides or in need of an energy boost.

Highly recommend this product and any other Torq products.

Excellent service by Merlin Cycles too, rapid delivery and very well packaged.

***** on 22/10/2013

Great product-easily digested and great taste

***** on 16/10/2013

Tried all the others and these are the best. Actually taste like they should!

***** on 15/10/2013

The torq gel I bought was rhubarb and custard for the Melbourne marathon..unlike other gels these tasted great and have a very good consistency, very smooth and easy to swallow while racing. I'd recommend this product to anyone and will definitely be purchasing more

***** on 10/10/2013

Love the range of Torq energy products. Gels arent too sweet or make your teeth itch for twenty minutes after taking them. Would like to see some new flavors but happy with whats on offer at the moment. Will definitely use on my trip to London to Paris in 2014

***** on 20/08/2013

Even after 7 hours in the saddle on a recent (very) hard sportive, I was still able to knock back the raspberry ripples on a regular basis. They taste superb!

***** on 20/07/2013


***** on 10/07/2013

The reason I got these from Merlin opposed to any other online retailer is because most websites wanted me to buy a box of 25. For me thats far too many and just wanted a small amount to see me through one event. Plus the delivery was super fast!!!

Torq gels are really tasty and I would highly recommend them. I`ve tried some of the others on the market and these are by far the best. Strawberry yoghurt and rhubarb and custard get my vote

**** on 10/06/2013

It just feel like a drop of non-tasting water, but I think it still works well. A little expensive for the amount of gel, though.

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