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Training Aids Handlebar mounted computers make logging and assessing training rides simple. If you want to be more specific then there are GPS devices where you can record or program in routes, heart rate monitors to track of effort, or for those wanting to follow the ‘numbers’ game there are crank based power meter systems. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of training aids from brands including Cat Eye, Bryton, Polar, Quarq, Garmin and Stages.

Trainers For specific year round training sessions or for use when the weather is just too bad to venture out, indoor trainers are the perfect solution. From simple rollers to magnetic or fluid turbo trainers or the latest computer linked models which can download courses from the internet; there are models to suit all budgets and needs. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of indoor trainers and accessories from brands including LeMond, Cyclops, Minoura, Elite, Tacx and Kurt Kinetic

Energy and Nutrition Hydrating and fuelling before, during and after exercise is crucial to performance. Energy bars deliver key nutrients without bulk while gels give a quick burst. Mixing energy powder into drinks is one of the easiest ways to keep on top of hydration and nutrition on the move while off the bike supplements can help make up for any diet deficiencies. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of energy products from brands including High5, SIS, Clif Bar, Beet It, ZipVit, PowerBar and Torq.

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