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  2. Computer, GPS & HRM Accessories

    Computer, GPS & HRM Accessories
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    GPS Systems
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    Pulse Monitors
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    Bike Power Meters

Computers Cycle computers are a great training aid. They are small, easy to install and calibrate and once set up don’t need any further adjustment. Tracking your current speed, distance, time elapsed, average speed and total cumulative distance as well as a multitude of variables such as height gain, temperature, cadence and heart rate depending on model and functions is simple. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of bike computers from brands including Cateye, BBB, Garmin, Polar, Kurt Kinetic and Sigma.

Computer, GPS & HRM Accessories There is a wide range of accessories, upgrades and replacement parts available for the fittings of computer, GPS and HRM devices. Practically all parts aside from the head unit are available individually. Spare fitting kits, wheel magnets, GPS mount upgrades, cadence sensors or HRM chest straps, they’re all in here. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of computer, GPS & HRM accessories from brands including Tate Labs, SRAM, Cateye, Polar, Garmin, Topeak, Minoura, Profile and K-Edge.

Garmin Bike GPS Systems Global Positioning Systems (GPS) provide a staggering amount of information for such a small easy to use device. As well as maps they can track speed, distance, time, cadence, heart rate, altitude – the list goes on. Training sessions and courses can also be saved or new routes added making them an excellent training, recording or planning aid for all levels of cyclist. Merlin Cycles stock a range of bike GPS systems from brands including Bryton, Cateye, Polar and Garmin.

Pulse Monitors Using heart rate is a good way to train, simply put the chest strap on and heart rate is transmitted wirelessly to the head unit where readout is displayed. Cycling specific pulse monitors perform the same functions as cycle computers tracking speed, distance, time, cadence, altitude etc depending on model. They are very simple to set up and use and offer the ability to track and store sessions. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of pulse monitors from brands including Mio, Sigma, Cateye, Garmin and Polar.

Power Meters Power meters offer the most reliable method of measuring your performance by displaying your output effort in Watts. Minute gauges in the specially constructed cranks record effort and display on head unit on the bars or smartphone via Ant+. There’s virtually no weight penalty either making them perfect for race as well as training bikes. Merlin Cycles stock a range of power meters from two of the most respected names in the power meter world, Quarq and Stages.

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