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Tyres & Tubes MTB

  1. Continental Mountain Bike Tyres

    Continental Tyres
  2. Maxxis Tyres

    Maxxis Tyres
  3. Schwalbe Tyres

    Schwalbe Tyres
  4. Panaracer Tyres

    Panaracer Tyres
  5. Michelin Tyres

    Michelin Tyres
  6. Vredestein Tyres

    Vredestein Tyres
  7. Tubes & Rim Tapes MTB

    Tubes & Rim Tapes MTB

Off road riding usually means riding on a variety of different surfaces and gradients. Tyres have to cope with a multitude of trail conditions and then there’s the weather. Luckily there are as many tyres as variables so whatever kind of trails you ride there’s a tyre for you. There are more specific tyres for cross country and downhill so if you’re not sure don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. Whatever tyre you need, 26”, 27.5 (650b) or 29”, or tube or tubeless accessories, it’ll be in here.

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