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  1. Arm, Leg & Knee Warmers

    Arm, Leg & Knee Warmers
  2. Body Armour

    Body Armour
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    Caps & Hats
  4. Cleaning, Proofing & Skin Care

    Cleaning and Proofing
  5. Cycling Gloves

    Cycling Gloves
  6. Glasses

  7. Overshoes

  8. Reflective Products

    Reflective Products
  9. SealSkinz

  10. Socks

  11. Goggles

Arm, Leg & Knee Warmers Arm, leg and knee warmers are great for unpredictable weather or early morning or late evening rides in warmer weather. They are made from Lycra in various thicknesses with hem grippers to keep them in place and are light enough to be easily folded into back pockets when not needed. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of arm, leg and knee warmers from brands including Etxeondo, Funkier, Lusso, Morvelo, and Skins.

Body Armour Modern mountain bike body armour for arms, elbows, legs, knees, shins and torsos is lightweight, less bulky and relatively unobtrusive compared to previous incarnations. Thankfully development has also made pads more breathable and better fitting meaning you sweat less and are more comfortable, even on more aggressive longer cross country rides. Merlin Cycles stock a range of body armour from two of the best names in the business; Race Face and SixSixOne.

Caps & Hats Cycling caps are great under helmets as they stop sweat, the visor keeps the sun/mud out and are fairly good at keeping heat in. For colder weather there are thicker cycling specific hats and skull caps for use under helmets or for extreme conditions a balaclava. Off the bike there are a range of beanie hats and baseball caps. Merlin Cycles stock a range of caps and hats from brands including Le Coq Sportif, Moa, Northwave, One Industries, Vermarc, Le Tour De France and Zero RH+.

Cleaning, Proofing & Skin Care Specialist cleaning and proofing agents when added to the wash can prolong the life of your kit. There is also a range of creams and gels available to help your skin cope with the unique demands of cycling before, during and after riding in varying weather conditions. Chamois cream increases comfort, prevents chaffing and helps avoid saddle sores. Merlin Cycles stock a range of cleaning, proofing and skin care products from brands including Paceline, Sportique, Secret Training, Elite and Sportsbalm.

Cycling Gloves Cycling specific gloves feature padding in areas where it is needed most. Traditional fingerless cycling gloves are favoured by road riders as they are lightweight and wick sweat while mountain bike gloves have full fingers offering more protection. Winter gloves come in many thicknesses and styles for all weather conditions. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of cycling gloves for men, women and children from brands including Chiba, Craft, Ergon and Nalini.

Glasses Cycling glasses don’t just protect the eyes against the sun’s rays, they also keep the eyes safe from flying objects and cold penetrating wind, and in low light conditions certain lenses can actually help enhance vision. Many glasses have the option of allowing you to change the lens according to weather conditions making them more versatile. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of cycling glasses from brands including Salice, Cuesta, Smith Optics, Nero Corsa, Uvex and Oakley

Overshoes Overshoes are bootie type covers which fit over cycling shoes, with pre cut holes for cleats, to help keep the elements out and heat in. They are available in many different weights and styles, from simple sock type to thick water and wind resistant. They are more popular with road riders but mountain bike specific models are also available. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of overshoes from brands including BBB, Altura, Shimano, Castelli and Santini.

Reflective Products Wearing reflective products in darkness or low visibility weather conditions can help make you more visible to other road users. Not only are there hi-viz vests but also reflective bands for the ankle, arms and helmet or if you use a rucksack then a reflective rucksack cover will make you stand out from behind. Merlin Cycles stock a range of reflective products from the most respected names on the reflective cycling goods market – Respro and Cycle Aware.

Sealskinz SealSkinz started out making waterproof socks and immediately became the sock to use in foul weather to keep your feet dry. Their range now includes gloves, hats and overshoes which like the socks can be used across a variety of sports as they were developed with input from athletes across several sports including cycling. Merlin Cycles stock a range of products from Sealskinz including socks, hats, overshoes and gloves for adults and children.

Socks The humble cycling sock may look like any other sock but is packed with unique design touches cyclists will appreciate. Reinforced areas, shaping, ventilation, and strategic placement of seams all add up and a comfy sock will pay you back on long rides. Different thickness and length for summer and winter are all available. Merlin Cycles stock a wide range of cycling socks from brands including DeFeet, Sportful, Nalini and POC.

Goggles Cycling goggles offer greater protection than regular cycling glasses. As well as protecting your eyes against rain, puddles, mud, dust, snow and whatever you ride through, goggles also prevent the wind from making your eyes water when you’re riding at higher speeds. We've gone with the best brand there is, Smith Optics.

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