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Wheel Accessories

  1. Freehub Bodies

    Freehub Bodies
  2. Wheel Spares

    Wheel Spares
  3. Skewers


Freehub bodies hold the cassette on to the rear hub.  As there are no moving parts on the cassette, the freehub body contains all the moving parts and therefore is more likely to suffer and need replacing. This is cheaper than replacing the hub and can be done with an allen key. Make sure to match your current model for compatibility. Merlin Cycles stock freehub bodies from Shimano and Hope.

Wheel Spares Most parts of a wheel can be replaced individually which can be much cheaper than a complete new wheel. Spokes can be replaced along with bearing races and freehub bodies. Or there are conversion kits for disc brakes which switch 6-Bolt to Centre Lock and vice versa. Valve extenders for aero rims are crucial and knowing how to use a spoke wrench will save time as well as money. Merlin Cycles stock wheel spares from Ashima, ACI, A2Z, Hope, Shimano and Zipp.

Skewers tighten the wheels onto the frame, often overlooked but damage one and you’ll soon find out how crucial they are. There are many variations on the shape of the traditional flip lock skewer or for the security conscious there’s allen key lockable wheel and seat bolt versions.  Merlin Cycles stock skewers for road and mountain bikes from A2Z, Zipp and Hope in cro-mo or titanium in colours to suit nearly all tastes.

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