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White Lightning Clean Ride Lube

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The Legendary Self-Cleaning Lubricant.
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  • Clean Ride is Cycling's Only Self-Cleaning Lubricant
  • Clean Ride literally sheds dirt and grime while you ride, keeping your bike running smoothly
  • Clean Ride sets up as a dry wax film. There is no oily film to attract abrasive contaminants, so your chain and gears will perform better and last 2 to 3 times longer
  • Clean Ride's self-cleaning action is activated by any dirt, grit or grime that finds it's way onto your chain or parts
  • Small particles of the outer wax structure will flake off, taking the dirt, grime or grit with it
  • This begins the cycle of 'self-cleaning'
  • Clean Ride is a unique, wax-based lubricant, so it is important to start with a clean chain
  • For optimum 'self-cleaning' performance, do not mix Clean Ride with oil based lubricants
  • The dirtier the ride, the more active the shedding action
  • So to this extent, Clean Ride will require more frequent re-application after dirtier rides
  • When Clean Ride is used regularly and properly, you'll rarely have to clean your chain again
  • So, while your buddies are cleaning their chains, you'll be applying a fresh shot of Clean Ride and heading out for yet another great ride!

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***** on 15/05/2015

Good stuff, this saved a chainsucky day for us, gave the chain a good wash with camelback and then sloshed it on. No problems for the rest of the muddy ride!

***** on 11/04/2015

Great dry weather lube, works better than teflon based stuff and doesn't attract dust / dirt.

***** on 23/03/2015

I always use this in all but the wettest conditions, including MTB. Keeps the chain slick and clean. Bigger bottles equal better value so load up.

***** on 23/03/2015

Certainly keeps the drive chain assy clean. You have to keep on top of it though as doesn't do the job of lubricating the chain for long before the chain starts to squeak, probably not ideal for an all day ride but that's what the epic ride is for.

**** on 14/08/2014

This stuff is excellent. My previous drive chain lasted well beyond expectation using White Lightning Clean Ride lube. It really does keep your chain clean as stated on the label (dirt sticks to the wax which falls away to shed the muck). The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because it almost does this too well; on on a hot dry dusty ride/trail centre day out the chain can become 'dry' a bit sooner than expected. Definitely my chain lube of choice though. A small bottle in the hydration pack keeps things running smoothly (and offers the opportunity to take a breather without having to concede my fitness could be better!). Except under these conditions it also lasts well. As for Merlin; they offered the best price/delivery and it arrived the morning after the order was placed - can't see how that can be bettered!

**** on 02/07/2014

Good lube, keeps the running gear clean but needs reapplying regularly

**** on 24/06/2014

Seems fine only been riding with it for a week but no complaints yet.

***** on 24/04/2014

Excellent, best lube I`ve ever used. Don`t ever have to deal with black gunk on my drivetrain anymore ... Buy it !

**** on 25/02/2014

Works good but you have to apply to a clean chain for best results

***** on 03/12/2013

keeps the drivechain and all free of all the usual dirt and muck that collects but you do have to apply a bit more often....... works so well all year in my opinion

***** on 27/09/2013

Great product, seems to do as it says and great value. Will see how it copes through winter but has coped with soggy dartmoor so far

**** on 20/08/2013

Recommended for dry conditions. Been using this for 12 months now and intend to continue. Nice clean chain

***** on 14/08/2013

Good summer lube, keeps the chain dirt free and lasts for a good ride.

***** on 07/03/2013

Good bye oily black cog marks on your right leg. This lube is super clean on the outside and your chain will be happy on the inside.

***** on 11/10/2012

Does what it says on the tin

***** on 28/08/2012

Love this stuff, dunno so much about the self cleaning but its the best wet lube ive used. Managed to get several chains to survive horrible swansea winters

***** on 18/06/2012

Great lube and does what it says on tube, had a good ride
After rain and chains nice and clean.

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