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Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape

RRP: $22.69
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RRP: $22.69
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RRP: $22.69
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RRP: $22.69
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Zipp Service Course CX Bar Tape (Cyclocross)
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Wrap your Zipp® bars on your cyclocross (or road) bike in style with this new Service Course® cyclocross handlebar tape.
This tape is thickly padded for the pounding you'd expect from CX.
It also features a cross-hatch patterned grip.
The red, black or white padded bar tape comes with two 1.9 m rolls with oval "Z" bar-end plugs.
The tape is embossed with "Service Course." 103g

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***** on 23/04/2015

Great bar tape, recommend it for all types of riding not just CX. It's long enough, well padded, it's easy to unwrap without leaving all the adhesive behind, it's stretchy and the writing provides a good guide for the overlap. Plus at Merlin great price and super fast delivery....it's a no brainier

***** on 12/03/2015

Spot on tape, easy to put on and a wee bit more padding than standard tape - perfect for cross.

**** on 27/02/2015

I purchased this to replace some Fizik Performance bar tape which had worn out. This stuff seems really good; it is well padded, grippy and appears to be hard wearing. Recommended

***** on 25/02/2015

Fitting was simple, texture and grip feel great and just the right amount of padding.

***** on 13/11/2014

Very satisfied with this bar tape, mounted it on my cx bike, easy to clean and a great grip and cushy feeling. I think it looks less plastic than lizard skins.

***** on 04/11/2014

Been using this for over a year now on more than one bike and its my go to bar tape. Cheap at Merlin, comfy and grippy even with sweaty ungloved hands.

***** on 03/11/2014

Great stuff, pretty easy to put on and a nice even finish. Good feel on the tape, even without gloves. Very good grip when wet, useful now it's indoor season on the rollers.

***** on 25/10/2014

Highly recommended if you like well padded bar tape. Good quality and easy to apply. My only gripe is that it is a little short and does not come with pieces to put around the STI's. Just wrap it tight and less overlapping to get it to fit.

***** on 15/10/2014

Best tape you can put on your bars. Grippy and soft. Perfect for CX or the cobbles of the classics.

***** on 30/08/2014

Excellent tape, easy to wrap. Mine didn't come with the extra tape to use behind the shifters though, so you need to cut off a small before you start. Also used mine over gel pads, but because this tape is well padded anyway I think it's best used on its own. Very pleased - looks great in grey

***** on 17/08/2014

Great tape! Lots of it and thick and comfortable. Easy to fit and quality product.

***** on 12/08/2014

Soft touch, wraps well without a wrestle, not too shabby for the price

***** on 16/05/2014

Great product, provides padding but not too soft, great in wet or dry - I've started to leave the gloves at home now, no need for them!

***** on 28/04/2014

Best tape for fitting I have ever used, and I have tried most brands, feels really comfy too - better than Lizard Skins DSP it replaced - white gets dirty easy as expected, cleans well with isopropyl alcohol so it's not an issue, looks great too.

***** on 11/04/2014

Normally use Fizik Microtex tape, but felt like a change. And I'm pleased I did. Wraps really well (I prefer the tacky glue strip over the Fizik double-sided tape), decent grip, nice embossed logo, looks slick. A little fatter than the Superlight, but that works in its favour. All good.

***** on 17/02/2014

Super nice feeling for riding in humid weather. I always ride without wearing gloves and this is the type of grip I'm looking for!

***** on 24/01/2014

Good quality chunky tape, great on the CX bike

***** on 10/10/2013

This is really grippy tape that I put on my road bike 2 weeks ago.. Very good quality with padding so found it perfect during the recent Etape Pennines. Usual great service from Merlin too!

***** on 29/08/2013

Compared to Service Course model, CX has better grip, that's for sure. Also it is the most comfortable bar tape, I have ever used.

Only setback for this product is that it's prone to get dirty, easily. Maybe this is because of the diamond-like pattern structure of the tape. Little holes make it vulnerable to magnet the dust in. That's my opinion.

***** on 16/08/2013

I've used this tape for the last two seasons and the quality is good. The padding is ample and the stretchy tape makes it plenty easy to fit. Recommended!

***** on 18/06/2013

Did exactly what it said on the tin. I practiced a couple of times with the old tape to make sure I got the new one just right. The tape supplied for fastening off the loose end is not the best but masking tape soon sorted that.

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