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Abus 420 / 160HB Ultimate D Bike Lock is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 8th May 2018.

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Code: AB4201603
Abus 420 / 160HB Ultimate D Bike Lock


The Ultimate 420 shares many attributes with its cousins the Super Ultimate 430 and the U-Mini 401 including the innovative through-body shackle and minimalist design. Made of high quality, temper hardened steel the Ultimate 420 has a slightly narrower inner width and lock body than the beefier Super Ultimate. The 14mm shackle double bolts into the lock body for robust protection against cutting and torsion attacks. The Ultimate features an innovative soft touch cover that protects your frame and, like all ABUS locks, feature industry-leading corrosion resistance. The red lock body gives it an understated appearance that doesn`t look out of place when fitted to a bike. Supplied with the proven, rattle-free USH universal frame bracket, this lock is full of features at a very sensible price point. It is insurance approved to Sold Secure Silver level and available in standard long shackle 300mm versions. A great value lock & cable pack is also offered.

MERLiN had this on sale for much cheaper than other sites, including Amazon. They also got it to me very quickly for an international order (U.S.). Comparing it to my On Guard "Bulldog" 11.5" lock: Pros: The ABus 420 is a little longer, which is nice for my deep v rims. The coating on the lock is thick and padded, stopping metal-on-metal contact that occurs with my other lock. It should be good at stopping rust too, which is a problem my On Guard lock has. Theres also a plastic shell over the shackle that has the same effect The U and shackle fit snuggly to each other. Cons: The Abus 420 seems very heavy. The key and lock have some play to them which has been a sign of issues for other locks. Neutral: The frame mount looks like it's really well made, with plenty of options and sturdy hardware but I haven't actually used it yet so who knows? I bought this lock to compare to my ON Guard "Bulldog" because they have similar ratings and price points and so far I think this one is going to come out ahead.