Abus Bordo 6000 Lock
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Abus Bordo 6000 Lock
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Abus Bordo 6000 Folding Lock


The Bordo 6000 is produced with 5mm steel bars which have an innovative 2 component soft touch coating to prevent damage to bike paintwork. The bars, the lock body and the special rivets linking them together are all produced from hardened steel. The link construction enables compact folding so transport is convenient, while maintaining the ability to lock the bike to large objects. Fitted with ABUS Extra Classe lock cylinder with encoded dimple keys, which are incredibly difficult to replicate. The Bordo 6000 is available in 75 or 90cm sizes and they are Sold Secure Silver approved.

Mr ashdown brilliant, good solid lock took a bit of getting used to
Ms Carver One for my partner's bike after the same type of lock saved my bike from being stolen.
Ms Parker Very sturdy and reliable. Am glad that I got the 90cm length, as I think the 75cm would have been a bit awkward to get around poles etc. The only negative thing to say about it is that the lack of flexibility can make it a little awkward to weave through spokes and I have pinched myself a couple times when folding it up. However, overall I am very happy with the product and any awkwardness in use is counteracted by the added security.
Jinx Griswold The lock is heavy and as far as I can tell, pretty impossible to cut. Because of it's design, it will lock your bike to almost anything. The lock comes with a case that attaches to the bike. I love it.
Sam So far so good. I have concerns about the weakness at the joints, but am hopeful that this lock will be secure enough for my city.
Eric Great lock, extremely convenient. The length fits around anything. I often lock my bike up and a friend's bike using just this lock. Little note, when I got it, the rubber flap cover didn't reach the hook to close. I pulled hard on it to stretch it out (not too hard though, as I was afraid it would snap), and now it reaches the hook just fine. Came with two keys.
VC Great lock. Wouldn't mind more links so one lock can lock wheels and frame without having to take wheels off.