Arundel Dual Seat Bag
Arundel Dual Seat Bag
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Arundel Dual Seat Bag
  • The Arundel Dual seat bag is the perfect compromise between the two extremes of seat bag design. It's bigger than a coin purse sized bag that barely has enough room for a "superlight" tube, yet it's smaller than the carry-all sized bag that wouldn't fit in the overhead bin of a commercial airliner.
  • The Dual is small enough to nestle under a seat without scraping against your thigh, yet it's big enough to hold two 700C tubes and two CO2 cartridges, plus an inflator. So, why two sets of spares? Because you never know what's up the road, and it's nice to know that you're prepared. That extra tube will make the rest of your ride that much more enjoyable knowing that you won't have to use your cell phone if another flat occurs.
  • The materials that went into making a Dual seat bag are not the latest techno-fibers, and the leather patch could be called "old-fashioned".
  • But what did go into the construction is a lot of thought. Initially, our buddies thought the embossed leather patch should face out the back so it could be seen, but that would defeat the purpose.
  • Its job is to snuggle up against the seat clamp mechanism and protect the nylon bag from wear. So, after several years of use the leather will look pretty worn but the tubes inside the bag will still be protected and the bag won't have holes worn in it.
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Great seat bag. Fits two tubes a multitool and levers and a few small bits. Looks good, attached just to saddle rails and you do not even know it is there.
Compact and looks sturdy but no place to put a rear light. Probably wouldn't have bought it if I knew this, hence the lower rating.
Really practical saddle pack with enough room for two tubes levers mini tool spoke key. Love the simple anti buff pad.
Simple, straightforward, light, and just a bit different looking. Whats not to like.
This is the second one of these bags I've bought. It takes 2 x 700C tubes, a CO2 inflater, a micro pump, a multitool and tyre levers, and fits beautifully under the saddle. Brilliant bag and great service from Merlin too.
Smaller than I expected, but awesome bag none the less. Can fit a multi tool and a few inners if packed correctly!
2nd time I've bought one. Great.
Like a lot of people I think how my bike looks is really important so I've been searching for a while trying to find a seat bag that looks good and one which will also carry the kit need. The Arundel Dual is perfect, it seems easy to fit to the bike, secure, stylish and just the right size. I can easily pack an inner tube, patch kit, tyre levers, 2 CO2 cartridges, multi-tools and my house keys - perfect.
Can hold two tyres, levers and pocket money. Neat and well place underneath my saddle, no rubbing to my Bib shorts
Simple, spacious, well made and no velcro seatpost strap to ruin your Lycra shorts. Did I mention inexpensive?
Perfect size for two inner tubes or a small cable lock /multi-tool. Simple, elegant design that holds well via single velcro strap. Great value
Great bag holds two tubes multi tool, 2 gas and a inflater head with still some room. Well designed and great value
Handy and sturdy seat bag with enough room for a tube, CO2 cartridge and a couple levers. Small bag even though it is called the double.
A good and compact bag. It will hold 2 tubes, a small multi tool, levers and 1 co2 canister, but not an inflator. I've had to use my old pump with a built in co2 inflator which also holds a co2 canister so I still carry 2. My only issue was that the bag fell off on the first outing! It refitted OK and has been fine since. I blame the fitter!!
These are perfect seat bags, I have a tube, 2 gas canisters some tyre levers and a multi tool in it, I have also put my small mini pump under the strap and it fits perfectly. I also use the bag in my jersey pocket when I don't want to mount it on the bike or when I am using multiple bikes on the day, absolutely fantastic for either
Great saddle bag. It is great for the long days and makes sure that you are not stuck in the middle of nowhere. has room for two road tubes and two CO2 cartridges. It is nice that there is no strap around the post so that you do not chafe when riding.
Great little bag I can get all I need in it (tube, tools, puncture repair kit) and easy to fit.
Great bag, compact but able to fit a tube, multi tool, levers & snack bar or patch kit.
I have this on my mountain bike and it fits perfectly under the seat without every catching/rubbing against my shorts. Just about big enough to hold everything that I need - including a big 29 innertube. Delivery from Merlin was as quick as ever.
Neat little saddle pack. I put a spare road tube, inflator and gas bulb plus a mini tool and one tyre lever and there is still a little more room. The design stops those riders with larger thighs getting rub on their knicks, the pack is well under the saddle and aero too. Highly recommended.
Great value fits 2 x tubes, multi tool and levers, doesn`t catch on shorts / tights. Merlin has fast delivery and best price
The Arundel bag is brilliant, so obvious a bike rider has designed it, not to big or small holds just what you need, doesn't rattle around or catch your legs. Great quality product and thanks to merlin a great price!