Arundel Mandible Bottle Cage
Arundel Mandible Bottle CageArundel Mandible Bottle Cage
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Arundel Mandible Bottle Cage.
  • The average American adult watches nearly five hours of television per day. We didn't make this up. As such, the Arundel Mandible may seem a little over the top, but only to those who watch more TV than ride their bike.
  • Naturally, you don't have to ride 5 hours a day to qualify to buy a Mandible cage, but it's designed for those who do. Our newest cage couldn't be just another fanciful design with a bunch of logos and a crazy, nonsensical name created for the sole purpose of adding another sku to the catalog. The Mandible (strong but light, like an ant's jaw) had to work, and work better than anything else available.
  • Holding onto a bottle is pretty important in water bottle cage design (erm, that's its sole purpose) and the Mandible does it well. The sexy curves belie the inherent strength of the Mandible.
  • How can anything so seemingly fragile be so strong, you ask? Because the shape of the arms allows for a smaller cross section, but provides 40% more bottle grabbing power than other cages; more strength, smaller package. It's tough enough for any type of use, including mountain bike, triathlon style brackets, and cobble-esque road riding.
  • Even with the added strength, we built the Mandible light by adding a foam core to the construction. Some lightweight cage designs cut out the center portion of the cage in the pursuit of saving a few grams. But when a bottle is inserted, the lower edge can catch on the lower mounting bolt, making an otherwise simple task frustrating. The Mandible's seamless trough prevents this and allows the bottle to slide home without disruption.
  • The Mandible can handle whatever you have in mind, be it mountain bike racing, triathlon bracket use, or attaching it to your armchair for a TDF watching marathon.
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Best bottle cage on the market
Best grip water bottle cage on the market. May not be the sexiest but flimsy water bottle cages just don't get the job done. Highly rated
Nice looking cage and looks to be well made but I had to return them because they do not fit camelback bottles properly (too tight).
Fantastic cages. Super light, Super grippy, super good.
Very light weight and sturdy construction. Holds water bottles very firm.
"Ultra-secure hold, easy removal and feathery weight  and the price isn't bad for a premium product"
This cage looks great on my matte carbon frame. Minimal design doesn`t try and compete with the look of the frame.
great cage. Grips my700 ml bottle well and easy to guide in/ pull out. also looks discreet on my small frame (47cm) where other bottle cages tend to dominate.