Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Arundel Synth Gecko Bar Tape is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 24th April 2018.

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Code: AR30-SYNTH
New for 2016, Synth Gecko is a thick, durable, shock absorbing bar tape made with 100% silicone foam. Available in nine colours, there is sure to be one that will fit the colour scheme of your machine.
Silicone foam has many inherent properties that make bar tape a perfect application. Since it sticks to itself nicely, no additional adhesive is required on the underside of the tape to prevent it from slipping once wrapped. It’s easy to wrap, unwrap and even reuse (and you won’t be plagued with the inevitable stickum residue that many tapes leave behind). Synth Gecko cleans up easily with soap and warm water, and the result will leave it looking nearly brand new.
The subtle pavé pattern of the tape provides a surface texture to improve feel and grip. The additional grip is beneficial, particularly on blistering hot days when palms get sweaty, or during the occasional downpour. The natural texture of silicone foam is comparable to brake hoods; it is tacky, squishy but firm, while also providing excellent vibration dampening.
Synth Gecko comes in a pack of two, 220 cm rolls. Want extra cushion? Wrap it thick and fat. Care for a grippy, low volume wrap? Stretch it and wrap it thin. The choice is yours!
I have the pink tape. It feels comfortable and my wife says it makes the bike look like Testosterone with attitude.
Very pleased with this bar tape, easy to apply, comfortable and looks great
I'm using an orange lizardskin (2.5mm version) right now but its too expensive and its not that comfy. Arundel is thicker and softer so comfort is there. On the other hand I prefer the texture of lizardskin I must say. Still -for that price- I'm going with the Arundel here...
Awesome tape at a great price! Really grippy!
Great stuff, has a good feel and wraps as easy as any I have used. Will use again. Thanks so much... CUontheroad
Wipe clean. Great grip. Road dampened vibrations. All in all a good bartape. I use it on integrated bars so plenty in roll. Only con is its a tad heavy but hey if you want comfort and are not time trialling on l'alpe d'huez then this is the one. Sweet as.
Nice tacky feel, no adhesive backing so I found it easier to wrap.