Arundel Uno Seat Bag
Arundel Uno Seat BagArundel Uno Seat Bag
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Arundel Uno Seat Bag
  • A small but perfectly formed seat pack ideal for essentials and nothing else.
  • One tube a small multitube and some folding cash. Velcro saddle-rail mounting, asymmetric zipper opening, and a leather Arundel logo complete this little gem.
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2nd one of these I've bought. Great, unobtrusive bag that will hold a tube, small multi tool , slim tyre levers - I've also squeezed in my house keys, a quick link and credit card. However the last one fell off so I'll replace this when the Velcro wears out. Apart from this it's one of the best saddle bags I've used.
Love these bags - this only fits one tube, small multi tool; repair kit and two CO2 cannisters, but that's all I need.
Pleased with this - it's the right size for the summer bike; just big enough for a tube, multi tool and tire lever. Have put a zip tie through one of the saddle rails and the strap as a "safety net"...
I've had a few of these over the years and I love the discreet nature of the pack, which holds an in innertube, multi tool, lever, gas cannister.....but that is a squeeze. I learnt quickly that a slack cable tie around the pack prevents losing it over very rough ground, do not rely on the Velcro strap, particularly after it has been wet a couple of times. All in all a cracking item for the money, avoid that horrible huge waving seat pack look or saggy Jersey pockets with this item
I have several of these now, because they are so good. You can fit a road innertube, lever, multitool, and a CO2 canister and applicator valve in it. The design makes a very ugly concept look sleek on a road bike, one of my mates didn't even notice I had the bag on, such is the size. I do think the strap should be longer, I use a cable tie around the loop as a precaution on our potholed roads.
Neat and compact. It is very small and will only hold the very basics. I would probably go for the bigger version if I was ordering again!
Compact and good looking, can fit a lot more that it would seem. I managed to pack a couple of tyre levers, a tube, a smallish multitool, a spoke key and a patch kit inside.
I've used this Arundel Uno on a dozen rides now, and it has performed well. The profile is very small and tucks right up under the seat. No seat post strap means one less potential spot to rub, and it is perfectly stable without. You do have to be selective in what kit you put in. I have a tube, levers, glueless patches and co2 in mine. That's it basically full, a small multitool will fit, but distorts the bag. I am very impressed with it and will add the next size up for the 100+ rides just to carry a bit more breakdown kit.
Nice quality; I got a tube and gas canister in there plus levers... Could probably squeeze cash and a key as well. I love that it's well hidden under my saddle- even skimpy road saddles this thing is very inconspicuous.
Perfect size for me, fits my puncture kit exactly. I fit one tube, one CO2 canister, a CO2 adapter and two tyre levers. Could fit Allen keys if I wanted. Bag is small and minimal, design is neat and understated. Recommend for those who like to ride with only the essentials.
This is small but the perfect size for a spare road tube, 2 lPark evers, tyre boot, small multi tool and a pack of Park glueless patches. I previously kept the above in a small pack that came with a Continental tube - but my seatclamp wore through the material. Although it's too early to tell, the leather patch on this should mean that this lasts longer. For a tenner, you can't go wrong and delivery from Merlin was as quick as ever.
This bag is even smaller than I was expecting, but I have still managed to fit in a 700cx32 tube, a pair of topeak plastic tyre levers, a Lezyne RAP-6 Multi tool, a spare master link and a few cableties. It's a bit of a squeeze, but it all goes in. Quality looks excellent.
My old seatpack rubbed a hole in my brand new shorts so needed a smaller pack and this seemed ideal. From what I read I knew it was going to be small but when it arrived it really was small! I can just about fit a 60mm valved inner tube with levers in it and with a real squeeze my Topeak mini 6 tool. However I decided to use it for my tyre levers, tool, spoke key, money and keys and stick the innertube in my pocket. It fits really nicely and securely under the seat and the leather patch works superbly to prevent the seatpost bolt rubbing through the pack. A great minimal pack but not if you want to carry much more than an innertube.
A great little bag. Just fits an inner tube, a couple of tyre levers (cut down slightly!) and some patches and a split link.
Top product - Looks great on classic bikes and the leather patch is functional as well as looking good imo. Well made. I get 1 tube, 1x 16gm gas bottle, two Continental Tyre leavers and one micro tool in mine. Tight fit but can be done without deforming the shape.