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Assos Chamois Creme - preRide.

ASSOS Chamois Crème makes long rides more enjoyable and comfortable, by reducing friction and preventing bacterial and fungal infections on your skin. Simply apply a thin layer of Chamois Crème to your skin and padded insert before you ride.



  • The ASSOS Chamois Crème reduces friction and keeps your skin cooler.
  • It prevents inflammation and has antibacterial properties.
  • Apply directly on the skin (avoid intimate areas) before each ride.
  • Furthermore, after every laundering, apply a thin layer onto the shorts' insert, to maintain suppleness, elasticity and antibacterial properties.
  • Used by many professionals regardless of the brand of their shorts.
  • 140 ml
  • 4.73 fl.oz.


ASSOS Chamois Crème – simply a must. Don't leave home without it!

steven Great cream to stop the undercarriage friction. Can't recommend this cream highly enough.
Mrs Sarkisov I have been using Assos Chamois Creme for the past few years on every ride. Great product that reduced post ride discomfort greatly. Merlin Cycles has unbeatable price on it and fast international shipping.
FS My favorite chamois cream and I have tried many. Merlin has the best price I have found on it.
Mr Mortimer Excellent product. I use it before every ride. Very soothing.
Richard Seems to work well. You can use a small amount.
Steve Johnson Always use this Chamois Cream, don’t set off for a ride or session on the trainer without it.
Mr David La mejor crema del mercado, he probado unas cuantas y es la mejor con diferencia
Duncan Possibly the best chamois creme I have tried so far.
Mr Fidler Fellow club members recommended this product to help keep the delicate bits in good order. It is cooling, reduces friction so helps avoid chafing and the dreaded saddle sores. It's good stuff and Merlin had the lowest price that I could find.
Mr Counsell Nothing like good ole Assos to stop the chaffin'. Who would't want to use it?
Samuel Must for confortable riding
Tim Have been using this product for 8 years., excellent.
Phil W Superb chamois creme. I don't trust anyone else to butter my parsnips, so to speak.
Rob I have used Assos Chamois Creme for several years. I have found it to be an excellent, effective product and superior to other cremes I have tried. Certainly would recommend it.
Mr Frk I can compare only with the same product from company Sixtus. Product from Assos is more effective and with cooling effect. Recommended.
Mr Legault Very good cream! I used this since many years with satisfaction
Casey What can I say? I love this product. Does the job, doesn't have a strong smell and washes off and out of clothing well. I highly recommend it.
Mr Mardini Purchased for my wife. She appreciate it. Last 2-3 hours
Mr V The best chamois creme. I have been using it for years.
Miss Meszarosova Centuries old product - still works
Deniz Ustundag Long lasting holds up well. A must for those long days in the saddle.
Simon The only chamois creme I use. Great product at a great price.
Gregorio Best chamois creme, when the going gets tough you need this chamois creme. Other creme are fine for shorter rides but Assos goes the distance
DD Only used once so far and no rub - so far so good
Larry Product is all it's hyped up To be. Long lasting in even to hottest of conditions.
Mr marko Advised by my mechanic I decided to try and boy oh boy it does the trick, it's so much more confortable every ride with the cooling effect, no more sore ars after long hours on the saddle.
Inés Excelente crema.
Mr Horwood Theres no better chamois creme than Assos.
Wish Always trusted this particular brand. Had no issue with it and really eases up the pain during long rides.
Desmond - this was the first one I tried and found no reason to change.....nice smell, pleasant to use, not too greasy.
Chinny Long lasting holds up well. A must for those long days in the saddle. 140ml is a good travel size.
Mr Vasquez This is the only chamois cream I've ever used through all my years of cycling. There is nothing better.
Jim Great product ideal for long days in the saddle. Delivered quickly and a good price too.
Campionissimo I use it since 4 years with assos shorts and it increases the comfort after many hours of riding
Mr Panos A quality chamois creme that keeps you cool down there, and prevents any redness in long rides... a must if you ride 300+km brevets...
Robert Great stuff. I suffered between running out and the new containers arriving. It made me appreciate how good it was (and how much better than the petroleum jelly I had to use while waiting). Next time I won`t wait until I run out before ordering.
Erich Beware, once you try it you won't want to be without it.
lyall It really makes a difference. Try it!
Alex Trusted Chamois Cream, you cannot go wrong with this.
Paul Used this for years and wouldn't use anything else. Great stuff. Rarely suffer any post ride soreness
Trevor The absolute best chamois creme on the market. Have tried them all, Assos is the best.
tomo I think that the pain has been alleviated more than usual with a long ride of over 100 km.
NAIWEI First purchase and completely love it.
Mr Statham I have tried many types of chamois cream but my ass keeps telling me to get this good stuff.
Mr Grant Always the best lubrication for the nether regions.
Ed Assos Chamois Creme has been my creme of choice for several years. I use it on every ride but it is especially effective on 200+ mile rides. The price at Merlin Cycles was the lowest I have found.
Mr Munro Cheapest price around for the best cream, lasts all day even on 80+ mile rides.
Mr Wimmer Excellent chamois cream. No tingle, just a nice soft glide. I do seem to need to slather it on quite thick for long hot rides. Like riding on whipped cream
paul Best Chamois Creme out there and at a great price!
Mr Green With most products I choose different brands from time to time. With chamois crème I always choose Assos. Its a proven classic.
Ian Great product - suddenly started to have a few problems but this product calmed everything down.
Mr Long Essential for those sensative areas.
Mr YOSHIDA Assos Chamois Creme is the best of all. It lasts to protect quite long time. As a long ride rider, it is nessesary to use this product.
Mr Byers High quality product. Mild cooling effect. A good investment if you want to be comfortable and avoid saddle sores.
Dr Couser Assos butt cream - effective as ever :-)
Mr Whitworth I have been using this on every ride for years and years.
Steve Assos cream is better than the MucOff chamois cream. It is mildly fragrant in a fresh way and the cream has a fresh tingling sensation to the skin. It works well with my Assos, Castelli and Rapha bibs and it washes off easily. I recommend this product
FS I have tried many chamois creams, and as much as I hate paying for it, this is my favorite. It is the right balance of solid/liquid, thin/thick and has more staying power than many (that said I do typically need to re-apply on my 3+ hour rides. I also like that is does not have a smell. I do hate buying it because all Assos prices are jacked up so I feel like I am a bit of a tool in paying them, but my comfort is worth it! For reference, I now ride less, but I have historically spent 18 hours per week on the bike. With so much saddle time, the chamois cream becomes critical. No chamois cream will 100% protect you when you spend that much time in the saddle, but this was the best I could do, and so I keep buying it.
VIALLI For years now i have been sceptical about such creams, thinking they would just be a waste of money. Now after many a long journey on mtb trails and road outings and suffering from BIKERS BACKSIDE I finally decided to give one a try. Makes a big difference in the saddle sore area and my journeys are much more comfortable
Mr Parker Great stuff...smear it on yer butt and off you go! :)
Mr kershaw Great stuff really makes a difference on medium to long rides. Tub lasts a long time as well
Mr odabasi
Mr Bergersen I have been struggeling with a sore butt (where it meets the seat) lately when riding long distances, or for 2+ hours rides. Especially in wet conditions. Assos Chamois Creme indeed does help. And gives a nice cool sensation after applied. I can only recommend the product.