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Assos Chamois Creme - preRide.

ASSOS Chamois Crème makes long rides more enjoyable and comfortable, by reducing friction and preventing bacterial and fungal infections on your skin. Simply apply a thin layer of Chamois Crème to your skin and padded insert before you ride.



  • The ASSOS Chamois Crème reduces friction and keeps your skin cooler.
  • It prevents inflammation and has antibacterial properties.
  • Apply directly on the skin (avoid intimate areas) before each ride.
  • Furthermore, after every laundering, apply a thin layer onto the shorts' insert, to maintain suppleness, elasticity and antibacterial properties.
  • Used by many professionals regardless of the brand of their shorts.
  • 140 ml
  • 4.73 fl.oz.


ASSOS Chamois Crème – simply a must. Don't leave home without it!

For years now i have been sceptical about such creams, thinking they would just be a waste of money. Now after many a long journey on mtb trails and road outings and suffering from BIKERS BACKSIDE I finally decided to give one a try. Makes a big difference in the saddle sore area and my journeys are much more comfortable
Great stuff...smear it on yer butt and off you go! :)
Great stuff really makes a difference on medium to long rides. Tub lasts a long time as well
I have been struggeling with a sore butt (where it meets the seat) lately when riding long distances, or for 2+ hours rides. Especially in wet conditions. Assos Chamois Creme indeed does help. And gives a nice cool sensation after applied. I can only recommend the product.