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Astute Starline VT Road Saddle
The Star family, Astute introduce a new range of road products, an innovative project that owns two international patents, based on an aerodynamic single shell in nylon-carbon, totally developed along the strategy that makes Astute saddles known for the duo sportsmanship and exquisite design. The curved shell offers a different base for the athlete’s sit bones and the “U” open shape shell zone introduce a new standard for ergonomic and aesthetics
  • Premium Italian Microfiber
  • Memory Foam Pad (M.F.P.): the main principle of Astute, we use only memory foam padding
  • Nylon Carbon Shell
  • Asymmetric Rear Design
Mr Urhammer-Frederiksen I use the saddle on my cyclocross and find it very good. I tested 17 different saddles before settling for this one. The profile is slightly S-shaped. It’s easy to shift position on the saddle - i.e. moving forward when climbing. Firm, relatively light and good looking.
Bjorn So far so good, it's hard but still comfortable. A definite step up from my Selle San Marco Era. I feel a definite increased ease in getting the power down.
MJP After cycling a few hundred miles using this saddle I'd say I'm very satisfied. I've found it firm but comfortable and love the look.
KIMIO I changed it from Selle Italia SLR. The overall impression is very similar to SLR, but I think that the Starline is more comfortable to ride. Moreover, I think that durability is good because the quality of the saddle is good. Because it was a bargain price it is very affordable.