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BBB BBB-12 EasyFit Bell
EasyFit Bell
  • Lightweight aluminum bicycle bell.
  • Can be mounted in various positions.
  • Quick-release straps fits all diameters.
  • Easy to install and remove.
Exactly as expected. Great sounding bell, easy to place anywhere.
Great deal on these bells, can't get this price locally for similar products. Had to be patient to get it shipped to Canada, but that was only about 5 business day! Ring is loud enough to me, not sure what other reviewers were comparing it to.
Good and loud bell
The multi fit idea works great, cost effective way to beat the Australian bike laws for must have a bell.
Really small and easy to mount. Sound is poor though.
Love this bell... Adds some old-school fun to my worthy stead. It makes people smile and pay attention....
It is good to find a bell that fits wider bars. Not as good as a traditional bell. I wish I could find a traditional bell that fits modern bars.
This is a little bell that makes a nice clear ding. I like that there are two bands to secure it to my handlebars.
Loud little ding!
Its ok. Mounts secure but not very loud and the flipper spins around sometimes.
Good bell. I have it installed on my recumbent along with another bell. On the multi-use path where I do a lot of riding, the bell lets all the pedestrians know you are approaching - especially when they're walking WITH traffic, for whatever reason.
Not bad, but the trigger does occasionally become misaligned after use. It's easy to flip it back round again. Fitting is simple.
Easy fitting, ok function as the trigger easily moves under use
I've now ordered about 5 of these and given them to friends. Great price and easy fit, I have it fitted on the inside of my drop bar on my road bike so my thumb can ring the bell while braking or shifting. Excellent little product!
Not very loud, but works generally fine for something that's cheap.
Easy to fit and fits neatly just about anywhere.
Little bell does a good job being heard. I've attached it to my drop bars near the shifter and it doesn't get in the way but is easy to reach.
Nice piece of safety kit.
Works fine, but the picture on the web page doesn't convey the scale too well - it's quite small really, but at least it leaves room on the handlebars for other items. Good value for money.
Needed a bell to fit oversize handlebars so I can at least warn suicidal pedestrians of their impending doom. Bit too quiet for that, but fits the bars and has eased my conscience a tad for when I have a near miss because they don't look!