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BBB BCB-90D - CableWrap Frame Protector 4mm x2 (Black)
BCB-90D - CableWrap Frame Protector 4mm x2 (Black)
  • Rubber cable covers to protect the frame paint.
  • For 4mm derailleur cables.
  • 2 pieces per set.
  • Colors: black 
Mel For gear cables. Easy to retro fit.
Chris M Protects my frame brilliantly!
Ben Stopped my cables from rubbing my frame but are a bit pricey for what the are!
Ed These did the intended job of stopping the annoying cable tapping on the frame and now prevents any further rubbing from the cables. So easy to fit I ordered extra in case I knock them off
Mr Calladine Do a great job of preventing cable rub on the frame.
Jeffrey Simple and effective, keeps your frame from cable rub. Easy to fit over your bake and gear cables.
Vanier Very practical protector if you want to avoid some scratches on your frame and is easy to put on.
Potty Pete Kind of expensive for what they are but cheaper than elsewhere and better than a rubbed frame. Work a treat!