Bell Star Pro Road Bike Helmet With Shield
Bell Star Pro Road Bike Helmet With ShieldBell Star Pro Road Bike Helmet With ShieldBell Star Pro Road Bike Helmet With Shield
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Bell Star Pro Road Bike Helmet With Shield

A full commitment to speed and efficiency means never having to compromise. That’s the idea behind the Star Pro, a game-changing aero road helmet that gives riders the power to optimise performance on the fly in ever-changing race situations. Switch from full ventilation on climbs to wind-slicing aerodynamics in the sprints and flats. With its ground breaking Active Aero technology, which can be engaged with the simple slide of a button, the Star Pro is engineered to be super fast AND super comfortable.



  • With Tinted Eye Shield
  • Active Aero™
  • Cinch Guide
  • FloatFit™
  • In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell
  • Lightweight Kit
  • Magnetic Zeiss Eye Shield
  • Overbrow Ventilation
  • Progressive Layering™
  • X-Static Padding
  • Weight: 280 Grams
  • Vents: 15
  • CE EN1078

“Out of the box I found the fit to be almost unnaturally perfect, like helmet gnomes had measured me in my sleep. I didn’t even need to adjust the length on the chin strap. Construction of the Star Pro had to be two pieces in order to allow for the vent slider. Engineers at Bell took that opportunity as their cue to use a high-density EPS in the outer shell and a lower-density EPS in the inner layer nearer your head. We’re seeing this sort of design more and more. Testing has shown the lower density foam slows the head (and brain) prior to impact, reducing the likelihood of a traumatic brain injury.” - Red Kite Prayer


These Helmets are certified with a European CE EN1078 standard. This is a European standard and although the helmet is perfectly safe to use, specific countries may have their own certification which is legally required if you intend to wear the helmet recreationally or in a competitive racing environment. If you are unsure, please check your specific country requirements and check with the manufacturer to see if the helmet has received any additional certification.

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