BKool One Turbo Trainer 2016
BKool One Turbo Trainer 2016BKool One Turbo Trainer 2016BKool One Turbo Trainer 2016BKool One Turbo Trainer 2016BKool One Turbo Trainer 2016
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Bkool One Turbo Trainer Simulator
The Bkool One Turbo trainer is an ideal training partner, winter substitute or before and after race warmup/down trainer. The  Bkool One is the only non-controllable trainer that combines the most advanced simulator and a progressive resistance curve. This solution, unique in the market, provides an amazing user experience. The trainer includes one the most realistic and advanced simulators, creating a life like training session every time you step on it. The resistance of the trainer increases automatically depending on the riders speed, this means there is no manual adjustment. 
The trainer is super versatile in the sizes of wheel that it can take, anywhere from a BMX 20" wheel to a large 29" XC wheel. This means you are able to train on each of your different bikes. You Are able to use the trainer without the simulator which will still use the progressive resistance curve. The maximum power out put of the trainer is a massive 852 Watts. Plugged in or Un-plugged you are able to use the trainer wherever and whenever you want which makes it perfect for before and after racing or long rides. The frame of the trainer is lightweight and can also fold down into a compact shape for easy storage and transportation. Weighing only 8kg the trainer is easy to set up and transport. Overall this is a great trainer stripping all the complicated bits away and replacing them with pure and powerful simplicity.
  • Simulator: It includes the most advanced simulator and provides realistic sensations - the feeling when riding is close to reality, even exceeding most high-end trainers.
  • Progressive resistance curve - Magnetic: The resistance increases automatically depending on the rider’s speed. No manual adjustment is needed. Very few trainers have this technology.
  • Wheel Freindly: Adjustable to any wheel size (20" - 29")
  • Powerful: Up to 852 W.
  • Stand Alone Training: It can be used without the simulator and will still apply the progressive resistance curve. Unplugged technology so you can take it anywhere making it ideal for warming up before a race.
  • Compact and Light: Easy storage, foldable. Reduced weight and size to a minimum, weighing Only 8kg!
  • Unbox and Play: No set-up needed.
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