Blackburn 2'FER XL Rechargeable Front/Rear Bike Light
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Blackburn 2'FER XL Rechargeable Front/Rear Bike Light
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Blackburn 2'FER XL Rechargeable Front/Rear Bike Light
The 2'FER - XL is the big brother of our popular 2'Fer light. This light works hard, pulling double duty as either a 200 lumens front or a 40 lumens rear light, depending on your needs. The clever mount design lets you easily pop it onto your bikes handlebar or seat-post, but it also has a clip to mount on your backpack or belt. 
With the push of a button, this light can switch between a white front light and a red rear light. Holding the button for 2 seconds turns the light on and off, and pushing the button once changes modes between white solid, red solid, white flashing and red flashing. The light also remembers which mode you were last using and turns on in that mode. 
Ingress protection rating or 'IP Rating', is a techy way to describe the level of water and dust proofness a product has. This light meets the IP-67 Standard, which means it is "totally protected against dust/grit and is fully protected against the effects of immersion between 1 and 15cm. 

This light features lenses that work to tell drivers "hey, I'm here", but also focuses the right amount of light so that the rider can clearly se where they are going. 


The silicone mount fits diameters from 15-35mm along with a clip for clothing, bags or racks. 


Charges via any standard USB port. 


A small built-in LED light indicates the battery level. Green = > 75%, Orange = 75-25%, Red = <25%


A lightweight and tough material for extra durabilty and a timeless look. 

  • Charging cable included
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • 3 hours recharge
  • No tools required
Jed Tail light is supper bright. Seems brighter than 40 lumens. Strobe is super effective. In headlight mode beam is very focused and concentrated. Great design, it is a long unit about an inch longer then standard taillight.