Sorry, this product is no longer available!
Blackburn Central 650 Rechargeable Front Bike Light is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.

This item was discontinued 18th May 2018.

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Code: BL460CEN6
Blackburn Central 650 Rechargeable Front Bike Light
Defeat darkness with this powerful, versatile and affordable light. It throws off 650 lumens of bright light and comes with a universal action-camera style mount that lets you attach it to almost any handlebar or helmet. 5 modes, USB rechargeable. 
  • 650 lumens
  • Action camera style mount
  • Dual beam pattern
  • Replaceable Lithium battery
  • Micro-USB charging
  • LED charge indicator 
  • 4 hours recharge
  • 162 grams
Easily lived up to expectations! This is a potent little unit; I have used it for commuting and MTB (although, my MTB ended up being earlier than planned in the day, so I didn't need the light in the end) However, from a comfort point of view, I was very happy with the weight and balance of this light on my helmet! For commuting, the brighter settings are probably too bright, and who needs to antagonise drivers more then we already do just by using the roads! similarly, the strobe setting (#5) is probably too distracting also. My happy-medium is the low continuous or pulse setting (#'s 3 or 4) both are ideal from a visibility & battery life viewpoint. If using on unlit roads, I expect the brighter settings will still be perfectly adequate. For MTB night riding, as a helmet light augmenting a bar-unit, I expect this will be perfect (as mentioned, not tested in anger, but the beam and spread at 100% is impressive). Wearing it on a helmet is a doddle, and is less noticeable than having a GoPro... In relation to the mount, I simply didn't bother with it, so cannot comment! I see many disparaging reviews on this aspect - it seems a well-constructed item, but anything this weight held on with a rubber band will wander;for both of my uses (handlebar on commuter, helmet on MTB), I went straight to my GoPro mounts - happy days... Similarly, I've not yet stressed the battery life to exhaustion (I recharged before needing to in anticipation of MTB, so interrupted my real-life drainage test)! I can say that I have commuted maybe 3 hours since charging 4 days ago, on constant pulse setting, and the indicator is still telling me it's in the 75 - 100% range... All-in-all, this probably doesn't do the job as well as the Exposure Joystick I lusted after, but for a third of the price I think I'm happier having gone for this option...!
Purchased this light to replace an aging one that I'd had for 10 years, Extremely happy with my purchase. The light was easily fitted to my handlebars with the rubber strap. Visibility is a revelation compared to my old light. I mainly had a bike light for the odd occasion where it would get dark before I got home. With this light I want to go riding in the dark.
Excellent little light, nice and light either on the handlebars or on my helmet. 650 lumens didn`t sound so powerful but its surprised me how much it lights up the trail.