11 Tips – Stop Mid-Season Boredom

Post Tour De France blues? Stuck in a rut? Mid-year plateaux? Same old rides? Lost your mojo? It is easy to just keep riding the same routes and the same rides, it can get a little bit repetitive and you could start to feel stale.

Here are some options to give you a fresh outlook on pedalling…

Switch It Up!

Road riders – get off-road. MTB’ers – get onto a road bike. Swapping your type of rides will keep you fit while reinvigorating your outlook on riding. Those short, sharp efforts off-road could boost your road riding. Likewise those long steady efforts on a road bike could aid your MTB’ing too – It’s a win win! You could well end up happier than ever in the on / off-road hinterlands of gravel riding.

Spin to Win

Live in a hilly area and getting worn down physically and mentally by constant climbing? Go fully compact 34 50 and a wide range cassette at the back and spin over the tougher climbs which usually slow your pedalling to quad sapping snails pace.


Capitalise on your fitness gained from your regular rides by entering local inter club races, you will meet new people and have fun, in a gasping, achy legged sort of way.


Head off and do some touring! A completely new outlook on pedalling will refresh how you think about riding. Thomas De Gendt and Tim Wellens, Pro riders for Soudal Lotto, decided to ride home (Belgium) from their final race of 2018 the Tour of Lombardia, in Italy, in October 2018.


Go somewhere amazing – If you are sick of sharing the same busy roads with traffic, head for somewhere where you can be virtually alone or somewhere completely different. For less than the cost of a sportive, buy a one way train ticket, head somewhere far, far away and ride home (Check it’s not a headwind ride home first).

Fly Fishing?

Try something completely different – have a week or two off, stay active (maybe more active than fly fishing) and you won’t loose fitness but you will gain freshness. You should return to your rides with a fresh outlook and appreciation for pedalling your bike.

Listen Up

Help teach a youngster to ride. Going back to basics and helping a little-one is a great way to reconnect with the bicycle and look at it from that early base view-point.

Embrace Change

Look at trends from the last few years. Anything that has passed you by? Is there technology that has got cheaper but could improve your rides? Droppers on MTB’s, Deep Wide road rims, Zwift, fatter tyres, electronic gearing. Any of the new stuff float your boat? Upgrading with new kit can fire up the old enthusiasm and help get your mojo back.

Fast Wheels

If you have some ‘best’ or fast wheels – pop them in your bike and ride your favourite route. Get a smile back on your face and attack some local Strava segments (If the wind is in the right direction 🙂 ) – Nothing cheers you up like those small insignificant victories…

Find New Tarmac or Tracks

Instead of following your same local, favourite routes, break out and head somewhere new. If you don’t know your area that well, take a look at where local sportives go and borrow some of their route. You never know, you might find a new favourite route.


Use your bike for other duties, in casual kit – Shopping. Ride to Work. Reconnect with your bike as transport. Why not take a backpack and get your groceries? Reducing those short journeys which are bad for your car and the environment, you could even discover a whole new riding routine.

Minimise the chances of getting stuck in a rut by regularly changing things around and trying new stuff, it will keep you fresh and retain your mojo.

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