5 Star Road Bike Upgrades

Replacing a few key parts can reinvigorate your riding and even boost performance. Upgrading parts also builds in a certain uniqueness to your ride. There are plenty of relatively cost effective options to improve your bike without breaking the bank.

This blog features upgrades that have received 100% – 5 Star customer reviews – and our customers are always right!

Bar Tape

Cheap tidy-up option number one is bar tape. As well as funky colour options, more padded / thicker tape can improve comfort and eleviate little aches and pains from hands / wrists. Under tape gel inserts can also reduce vibrations and increase comfort.

Lizard Skin DSP (Dura Soft Polymer) 2.5mm tape offers superb comfort and grip – Essential for today’s road and gravel bikes. Keen to get taping? Check out Lizard Skins tape install video below.


Chains get worn. Under normal use, the chain pitch gradually increases because the bushings wear against the pins in the chain. Replacing the chain at the right time is easier with a chain checker tool. Failing to replace the chain will cause extra wear on the cassette and other drive train components (because the chain pitch is longer). In ideal conditions, a cassette should last for two chains.

Keep it clean – regularly de-grease and lubricate to ensure its long life and look after your other drive train components – check out our chain blog here.

KMC make long lasting and reliable chains which are compatible with Campagnolo, Sram and Shimano drive trains. If you feel the need for colour at the business end of your bike, check out the KMC DLC chains here.


No other components can effect a bike’s handling like wheels. Lighter wheels will feel more ‘zippy’ and be faster on climbs or over hilly terrain.

Vision Team 30 Comp Wheels offer a cost effective / good looking upgrade for many entry level road bikes. A slightly deeper than standard rim depth, combined with a relatively low weight 1920g / pair, make the Team 30’s a popular choice.


Decent tyres can also have a large effect on a bike’s handling and performance. Good quality tyres roll faster, reducing effort required at any given speed, they grip better and offer high levels of puncture protection.

The GP5000 predecessor, the GP4000, was a really good tyre – a hard act to follow. However, the boffins at Continental rose to the challenge and managed to produce a tyre which has noticably improved. Lower rolling resistance, better grip and increased puncture protection all make the GP5000 the number one choice for many road riders.


Find the right one and you never think about it. Saddle comfort is very subjective. Everyone has a different bike, riding style and perhaps most importantly different width of sit bones. Sit bones are bits of your pelvis that push into the saddle when seated. Check out out blog on saddle fit here.

The Charge Spoon is a cost effective, comfortable, good looking saddle which suits many riders and types of riding – road, gravel and even MTB. Available in black, tan or special edition colours, the Charge Spoon has broad appeal.


The handlebars provide much of the comfort and fit aspects of the front end of your bike. Bars differ in drop, reach and width. Many racers opt for narrow, more aero bars, where as endurance / leisure riders tend to prefer a more comfortable, wider fit. Check out our road bar blog here.

Deda Superzero bars tick a lot of boxes for many riders, they offer a comfortable shape and have an aero profile. The high end 7050 aluminium make them relatively light for aero aluminium handlebars.

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