6 Ways to Create More Time to Ride

Frustrated with only getting out for a weekend ride on your pride and joy? Here’s our 6 Ways to create more time to ride.

Ride to Work

This is not always possible, but if it is, give it a go. As well as arriving at work with your endorphins pumping and using less fossil fuels, you will be extending your weekly ride time every time you do. Once you get into the routine, look at alternative routes to extend your ride. Just don’t forget to turn up to work. Why not use the ride to work scheme to invest in a specific commuter bike. This will ensure your usual bike has a nice rest during the week and will be ready for some weekend fun!

Digital Detox

Stop doing things which unnecessarily use up your free time. Looking at social media for hours on end, for example, may not necessarily constitute a worthwhile use of your time. Try a digital detox for a week – eliminate all non-vital use of all the things which use up your time, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Allocate clumps of this previously wasted time to getting out on your bike or on the trainer.

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Going Nowhere

A home trainer is not just for winter. If your schedule is really, really tight, get your bike set up on a trainer. Those times when you get less than an hour but can’t justify going out for less than an hour – hit the trainer! Specific interval sessions on the trainer can boost power output. Many top time trialists and track riders use them year round.  Hard, shorter sessions on the trainer can complement long weekend rides to maintain your all round fitness. Rollers offer an alternative to the magnetic or fan resistance ‘turbo’ trainer. Standard rollers offer less resistance, allowing a smoother pedalling style, these require a little bit of mastering. Magnetic resistance rollers such as the Elite Arion offer a more variable workourk.

Early Bird

Make the use of early mornings in summer time. The list of benefits for getting out early in summer is huge. Unfortunately, the lure of a cosy duvet and memory foam mattress can be equally as huge. Summer early morning rides are usually; Quieter, cooler, less windy and involve less traffic. Early starts in summer also free up the rest of the day for work and all the other stuff which we have to do.

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See the Light

Don’t let that hard-fought-for summer fitness go to waste. Invest is some decent quality lights and get out on those dark autumn / winter evenings. Wearing clothing with reflective panels also ensures that you are seen by other road users. Why not make up a circuit near to home (just in case you need to get home) and get knocking out some laps. Invite some ride mates and before you know it, you have a chain gang. No matter how grim it is, it will definitely be better than Eastenders.

Pedal Plan

Plan your weekly rides on a Sunday night and masterfully tell everybody who is involved in your life that they are going to happen. Planning on a Sunday night is good because you’ve had a weekend ride and you are keen for your next one. Planning should avoid any ‘double booking’ situations and reduce the prospect or your ride getting bumped off the schedule because of Uncle Cyril’s Shed Warming Party, or whatever. Although I would probably go to the Shed Warming Party to be fair, but you get the gist – Plan to put your bike first, without being too selfish!

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However the extra ride time is found, make use of it and enjoy the extra riding. Once you have started to use that time for cycling, it should be easier to keep it set aside.


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