7 Ways to FALL in LOVE with your Bike?

Is your bike a little jaded? Taken for granted? Do you find yourself looking longingly at another model? Let’s reconnect with your ride, remember the good times and re-light that fire… ???

Clean it!

The best way to get that new bike feel, is to give it a really good clean! Ideally, put your bike on a stand, drop the wheels out and get into all the nooks and crannies where dirt lingers. As well as your bike looking much better when it’s clean, it will work better and go faster too. It’s a win win win for clean bikes!

Feel my Bars

The lowest cost / biggest impact thing you can do to your bike is to replace the handle bar tape. As well as a cleaner, new look, you will benefit from fresh padding of new tape and you could almost trick yourself into thinking its a new bike as you glance at your pristine cockpit.


Think of  all the shared happy times, the places you’ve been, the struggles you have overcome together. Is it worth chucking that all away for new-fangled disc braking or even 1x gearing? Remember those little scratches are memories of the tough times you have endured together.


Much of your bike’s comfort, or lack of comfort, can come from your saddle. Had the same saddle for ages? Try a new perch to pimp your ride. Check out our very extensive range of saddles here.

Somewhere nice

Treat your bike and head out somewhere special. Not your usual route, but somewhere nice. Mixing it up and letting your bike know that you care for it, by taking it to new places is a great way to strengthen your relationship. You could even whisper ‘I love you’ when you hit a nice smooth stretch of tarmac.*

*not on a group ride


Once your bike is glistening and sparkly clean, why not treat it to a BAAW session? Bike Against A Wall (BAAW) is still an ongoing Instagram phenominum. Stick to the rules to avoid a barrage of BAAW afficianados complaining.

Tyre Valves at the top of the wheel or hidden behind fork & rear stay.

Big ring and little sprocket only.

Horizontal cranks.

Make sure your bike is level and on flat ground.

Get a nice wall.

Remove bottle.

Listen to Your Bike. Is it really Happy?

Listen up for any tell-tale sounds that could indicate that your bike is not mechanically happy. Clicks, groans and knocking noises are your bike’s way of telling you… Do some maintenance! Check out our weird noises blog from last year here.

Check out the Merlin range of tools here.

Photos from Merlin Nitro Aero prototype testing – if your relationship with your current bike really has hit the rocks, check out the retail models (rated 9/10 in Cycling Weekly) here and prepare to fall in love again. ❤

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