A Free Invite to Zwift

Be one of the first Zwifters out there by having an invite from us.

We’ve been lucky enough to be given an invite to join the online virtual bike racing platform known as Zwift.

What is Zwift?

Online racing against real-world competitors on a computer generated ‘virtual reality’ style course.


You’ve probably seen people playing X-Box shoot-em-up games against total strangers in a different country.

Zwift is like that except you’re racing strangers on your turbo trainers.

You’ll be riding Zwift’s 5KM test loop on the tropical paradise of ‘Zwift Island’. There is a modest climb of a few hundred feet each lap and it features three sprint points. To ensure you’ll never be riding alone Zwift have also populated the world with over 100 computer controlled ‘Zwift-bots’.

And yes, you can even upload your race efforts to Strava once you’re done.

We can safely predict that Zwift is going to be massive when it finally gets properly released in 2015.

Here’s a video to explain it.

What do you need to Zwift?

  • A bike.
  • A turbo trainer. Any ‘smart’ trainer. Or you can use some classic/manual trainers too and give out ‘virtual power’ via an ANT+ speed sensor. Read Zwift’s advice.
  • An ANT+ device (power meters, speed-cadence sensors, heart rate monitors).
  • A Windows computer no more than three years old.
  • An internet connection.
  • A smartphone is not required but using one does make the experience a bit better and simpler.

Win an invite to Zwift from us

Zwift is not open to everyone at the moment. It’s in ‘beta’ testing at the moment. You have to apply for an invite to take part.

Or you could have our invite and Zwift as Merlin Cycles.

Leave a comment below or email us to enter the names-in-a-hat draw.

This is what Laurens Ten Dam thought of the sneak peek we gave him today! #rideon

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