A guide to the revamped Merlin Cycles website



You may have noticed that our website changed last week. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s changed and what stuff you can do on the site that you couldn’t do on the old one.

It’s been a big task that’s taken many months and involved lots of stress and pulling-out-of-hair but we did it. And we’re really rather proud of it.

“What’s so good about it?” you may ask…


Mobile friendly

Our previous site didn’t look very nice – or work very well – when viewed on a phone (or tablet). With roughly a quarter of site visits being done on people’s phones this was a bit of a problem.

The new site is fully functional and fully lovely on whatever device you wish to look at it on. Desktop, smartphone or tablet – the website knows what device you’re using and re-jigs itself accordingly. It also adapts when you rotate your phone or tablet to be landscape or portrait. It’s called responsive design apparently.


Paypal enabled

This is closely related to the above points. A lot of people prefer to use Paypal for buying stuff so we made it a simple and quick option to do so on the new site. Again, this is fully functional on phone and tablet as well as desktop use.

Paypal Express is particularly popular with our many international customers and we’re sure they’ll be very pleased to see it integrated so slickly and straightforwardly.


Vastly improved navigation and browse-ability

It’s now easier to have a quick look at the range of stuff that we stock. Once looking in a category, if you want to then narrow your search down there are now multiple tick-box filters to help you be more specific.

For example, it is now possible to go into the seatpost category and then refine by diameter, material, length, brand, price and even colour. Looking for a 400mm long, white, aluminium seatpost in 30.9mm for less than £50? You can now find one very easily.


Stock info displayed in category listing

You can now easily see what sizes/versions of products we have in stock without having to go right into that particular product’s page.

If you hover over the ‘STOCK INFO’ button that’s below every product’s thumbnail image it will quickly show you what sizes and options we have in stock right now.

Multibuys are now automated

We sell a lot of things with multi-buy offers. With the previous site you had to manually add the multiples into your basket before heading to the checkout whereupon the offer price would then confirm itself.

Multibuys now display and are basket-able from the get-go. Quicker, reassuring, less confusing, better.

Works on all modern browsers

There’s only so many decrepid versions of Internet Explorer that modern websites actually work on. For 99% of people’s internet browsers the new site looks and works just fine.


New branding

Fresh start. New logo. New font. New green. New vibe.

What do you think about the new site?

Do you like the new site? Is there anything you miss about the old site? Are you confused by any of the new layout? Please leave a comment below.

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