A nice 35 mile road route around Anglezarke Moor

We asked our friends at Chorley Cycling Club to draw up a 30-ish mile route to do starting from our shop. This is what they came up with.

Merlin Cycles Chorley CC Tour d’Anglezarke

Distance: 35 miles / 57 km
Elevation: 935 ft / 285 m
Duration: 3-4 hours (moving time)

Download file: Merlins_Tour_of_Chorley.gpx


How hard is it?

It’s not a massively long ride but it will have even the best riders getting out of the saddle for the climbs. Your legs and lungs will be telling you to take up golf on certain bits! A good workout. It’s pretty easy to navigate as there aren’t too many turns and because of the looping nature of the route if you’re struggling with fitness you’re never too far away from the start/finish.

Key climbs

Denham Lane is an early challenge. Sheephouse at the 21 mile mark (as used by Ironman UK and the Chorley GP). Anglezarke at the 17 mile mark.

Good descents

Down to Anglezarke is a good one. There’s a sharp left bend at the bottom of Anglezarke, you’ll want to get on the brakes early. The descent you’ll remember is Sheephouse down to Belmont.

Viewing points

You’ll pass Hoghton Tower up close, From the top of Anglezarke you can see the sea and Blackpool Tower.

Café stop

If you’re looking for a cafe you can try Rivington Hall Barn (you will have to leave the route at mile 21.3, bare right and follow Rivington Lane for 1/4 mile until you arrive at the Great Barn on your right). If you taken your butties, there’s a bench with one of the best views around at the top of Anglezarke.

STRAVA TIP:   If you’ve stopped at the cafe but you want to post a good Strava segment then when you retrace your steps back onto the route go back over the reservoir you came over before, turn around at the other side of the reservoir and then tackle the full Sheephouse Climb segment.

Download the GPS file

Download the .gpx file for your GPS device here (right click and Save As)

We’re not doing turn by turn directions on this page. It’s not a practical way of navigating a ride any more in this age of Garmins and smartphones. Take a paper map as a back-up in case your device packs up, just in case.

Photo gallery

Photos by Anthony Gibson, Club Secretary of Chorley Cycling Club.

White Coppice

White Coppice

Watermans cottage

Watermans Cottage

Top of Anglezarke

Top of Anglezarke

Locks at Whittle

Locks at Whittle



Anglezarke Bottom

Anglezarke Bottom

ccc logo banner fontMany thanks to Chorley CC

If you want more info about the riding in and around here then get in touch with the friendly bunch at Chorley Cycling Club. No one knows the roads and lanes as well as they do.


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