Another Shamelessly Nostalgic Photo Fest

We stumbled across another folder of pics and we thought we’d share them with the group, as it were. Kicking us off is a stunning Paul Sadoff creation in scandium. We’re not sure if this ever actually made it across the Atlantic.

Sadoff singlespeed 001

Sadoff singlespeed 002

Scandium 001.1

Tig Team 2007 001

317ciron 004

Malt 1 WMB 0021

Malt42006 009

New bikes 006

New bikes 007

New bikes 009

New bikes 010

New shop 004

Finishing off, here’s a pic of our old premises (well, one of them anyway).

If you have any pics of old Merlin or Rock Lobster frames – please let us know in the comment below. Ta!

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