Are You a Ninja or a Rainbow Warrior?

At the moment the cycling apparel world appears to be dividing into two camps. In one corner we have the monochrome set where everything is black or grey – maybe with a splash of white or red if you’re lucky. In the other corner we have the dayglo bunch where everything is bright with a capital B.

We’ve assembled an ultra ninja costume and a sunglasses-required rainbow warrior costume. Just because really.

(There is a degree of road versus mountain in the mix but let’s just conveniently ignore that for now and just look at some cool clothing.)

The Ninja

Zero RH+ ZR helmet
Zero RH+ Thermo balaclava
Zero RH+ Acquaria Pocket jacket
Zero RH+ Prime jersey
Zero RH+ Sprinter bib tights
Zero RH+ Aria gloves
Sidi Five Mega Vernice shoes
Zero RH+ Neo toecovers

The Rainbow Warrior

Smith Forefront helmet
Smith Optics Fuel V1 Max goggles
Altura Mayhem jacket
Altura Airsteam jersey
Altura Progel mitt
Altura Summit shorts
Altura Night Vision socks
Fizik M5 shoes

So which side are you on?

Personally speaking most of us here prefer a combination of bright and black is the way to go. All-black is a bit drab – not to mention a bit iffy on busy roads. And full-on dayglo is just a bit… naff. Mix it up!

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