Best of the Merlin Cycles Blog from 2014

A quick top 10 list of the blogs that were the most talked about in 2014.

Harris CX LR1. Why cyclocross?

“Never mind racing, there are many reasons to try a cyclocross bike. If you have a mountain bike and are competent off road, a ‘cross bike is a completely different riding experience; the more road orientated riding position, drop handlebars and larger skinny wheels means you’ll have to adjust your riding style…”

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eye patch

2. How to pass the time when injured

“I put the shed door key back on the hook and opened a bottle of beer to be miserable with. Alcoholism is certainly one way of passing the time when you’re injured but it’s probably not one I’d recommend. So what sort of things can you fill your hours with should you find yourself temporarily incapacitated..?”

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Shimano Biopace chainrings

3. Merlin Cycles 21st anniversary retro photofest

“As well as featuring a lot of our old aluminium hardtail mountain bikes this gallery is full of choice retro goodies as Biopace chainrings, Club Roost riser bars, Manitou elastomer forks, Pace RC36 forks, bar ends, massive stems and classic Mavic rims…”

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4. What’s in your clearout box?

“We always hold on to that old one for a bit longer than necessary just in case something happens to the new one; yeah like it’s really going to! We all have our excuses; happy riding memories, will I get that much for it..? I’m sure it will come in handy again sometime, now that I have spare shifters, handlebars and crank I only need a few more parts and I have a bike, the list goes on…”

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5. I survived the Bolton Ironman UK

“I’m no sports star but on Sunday I got a taste of what that must be like. The number of spectators at Pennington Flash… all the people on the bike route… the entire run route in Bolton… finishing in the Square. Everyone made it a day to remember for all the competitors…”

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new house keys

6. A cyclist moves house

“Pokey cellars with death-defting stairs. Small yards with microscopic sheds. Narrow kitchen pantries. Having to bring bikes through the whole house. Using un-read parts of the Sunday newspaper as oily driptrays underneath sopping bikes. We’d had enough of that sort of thing…”

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7. L’Eroica Britannia

“My other bike option is to build a 1940’s BSA frameset I recently picked up at a bike jumble with an eye on restoring and repainting for future Eroicas. This was meant to be a long term project but with excitement building towards this year’s event it may become a quicker than thought project with the repaint having to wait…”

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sportive number

8. How to find that motivation to ride

“Despite getting shelled on the climbs I was pleased with my condition considering how little riding I’d done and had several very long work weeks leading up to the sportive including the last week with no riding whatsoever…”

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9. The forgotten races

“Some of these events may well have passed you by in the overwhelming hype of the grand tour but they are worth hunting down as they could prove very interesting. The Tour de France is well and truly underway but for those cyclists who didn’t make the cut there is a world of racing taking place outside of France…”

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10. POV racing YouTube compilation

“All shot from the point-of-view of the racer themselves. Eleven hand-picked videos illustrating the thrills and spills of racing bicycles. Velodrome, downhill, road sprints, cyclocross, urban downtown racing, BMX, bonkers clifftop stunts, probably-illegal alleycat city racing…”

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