The Best (And Worst) Bike Fails Of The Year

Join Merlin Cycles as we take a look at some of the best (and worst) bike fails from across the web in 2013.

2013 has been one heck of a year; highlights include seeing Froome win the Tour de France and more recently watching Wiggins being knighted for his amazing contributions to the sport.

But for every cycling success, there are countless numbers of failures. Some are simple trips and falls, others are over-the-top accidents which look like they could do some serious damage; all of them are gut-wrenchingly hilarious.

So take a break from whatever you’re doing, gather your friends round your screen, and join us as we take a look at some of the best (and worst) bike fails from across the web this year.

Warning: Some of these videos will contain distressing images, but we promise you, no matter how painful they are to watch; they were definitely more painful for those being filmed.

Dirt Trail Disasters

Starting us off right at the beginning of the year is this compilation of crazy dirt trail fails. Watch as riders go head over handlebars, misjudge landing distances and forget to brake when they should; all for your enjoyment:

Reasons To Watch The Road 1

It’s all well and good updating people about your current status, but if you’re currently riding a bike, you should really worry more about what is right in front of you. The girl in this video learns this the hard way.

Reasons To Watch The Road 2

It’s important to practice proper road safety whilst cycling on busy streets. Make sure you’re wearing reflective gear, stay a safe distance away from vehicles and be aware of your surroundings.

Apparently this next cyclist did not get the memo. He fails to see the car braking because he’s too close, and then applies the front brake afar too hastily in a panic. Needless to say, it doesn’t end well:

{This video is no longer available}

One Wrong Turn, One Massive Pile Up

Mountain biking with friends is a fantastic experience, there’s nothing like the feel of the wind rushing through your hair as you fearlessly follow your friends down a treacherous track.

However, if you’re planning to take the lead, just be sure you actually know where you’re going, because when it comes to downhill biking, one wrong turn can lead to a lot of hurt, or in this case, a massive pile up.

{This video is no longer available}

Link’s Epic Mountain Bike Fail

This next offering comes from famous YouTubers (is that an official job title now?) Rhett and Link. Watch whilst they hilariously describe, and briefly show you, an (not so epic) epic mountain bike fail (the good part is 7:55):

Track Championships Catastrophe

The UCI Track Championships features some of the world’s greatest cyclists competing at breakneck speeds. One wrong move can spell disaster for the whole race, as the Belgian rider in this next video found out.

As the commentator rightly points out, this is a “spectacular crash”, which sees the rider flip over his bike and onto the track, the friction from which rips into his Lycra.

Props off to him though for getting back on his bike and continuing with the race. Take a look for yourself below:

Red Bull Rampage Wreckages

The Red Bull Rampage is by far one of the craziest downhill biking events in existence. Skilled mountain bikers fearlessly tackle the insanely gnarly terrain of the Utah Desert, pushing their bodies, and their bikes, to the limit. If they make it to the finish unscathed it’s a miracle, but if they fall along the way it makes for great fail footage.

To give you a better idea of just how insane this course is, Red Bull have put together this beautifully shot film of the events’ roughest crashes since it began:

The FailArmy’s Favourites

YouTube Fail Clip Curators FailArmy have put together their own selection of cycling fails, with the resulting video containing pile ups, crashes, flips and face-first falls, all of which make for an incredibly wince-worthy compilation:

{This video is unavailable.}

Those are our favourite cycling fail clips from the last year, but what do you think? Have you seen a better video out there? Did you and friends film something even crazier than what we’ve witnessed above?

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