Bike Rep Life: John McVey from VeloBrands

We have our fair share of sales reps who pop by Merlin HQ. Without fail they are always keen cyclists. Here’s a quick Q&A with our Kask Man, John from chic-as-you-like distributor VeloBrands.



“John McVey.”



Job title?

“National Sales Manager for VeloBrands.”

How long have you been at VeloBrands?

“Three years.”

What bikes do you own?

“Basso, Wilier, Commencal 29er.”

Which bike do you ride most?

“Basso Astra, Campag Chorus 11, 3T stealth finishing kit, Knight 65mm stealth wheels.”

How long have you been into cycling?

“Twenty five years – a late starter!”

Business card?


What was your first proper bike?

“Marin Bear Valley SE (1993 model), cost £500 which seemed like an absolute fortune at the time.”

Do you ride road, MTB or cyclocross?

“Mainly road, bit of MTB during the winter.”

How often do you ride a week?

“Six times per week. I aim to do ten hours per week.”

Where do you ride most?

“Bedfordshire countryside.”

What do you take with you on a ride?

“Pump, two tubes, chain tool, tyre levers, quick-link, mobile phone.”

Have you ever raced?

“Yes, I race around three times per week during the season. Mix of crits, road races and local 10’s.”

Who are your cycling heroes?

“Past heroes: Pantani, Jan Ullrich, Lance Armstrong. Present: Contador, Froome, Geriant Thomas, Wiggins.”


Do you have any interests outside of cycling?

“My other pride and joy aside from all things cycling is my bike is my rickety old Audi TT it spends more time being repaired than being driven! I can’t part with it though.”

Do you Strava?


Are you a fervent user of Social Media?

“Don’t have the time as I’m either working in the bike trade or riding the bike.”

Why do you ride?

“Keep the man boobs at bay.”

What’s your current repmobile?

“VW transporter, cycle trade standard Rep wagon.”

What has been your best (and worst) repmobile?

“The cycle trade isn’t usually known for flash cars, it’s more about what’s practical for lugging bike stuff around the country! I will be changing vehicles shortly, probably to a Mercedes C class estate so that will be best trade vehicle. The Merc won’t be very practical but I’m sure I’ll manage!

“In terms of the worst, in the earlier days of Velobrands we bought a second hand Citroen C2 van, it was previously owned by a courier company for transporting internal mail. The reason I know this is because it had a ‘carrying internal mail only’ sticker in the rear window. It was a shocker to drive, it had around 140k on the clock and a gear box like a mixing bowl.”


What’s usually in your rep-bag?

“Microsoft Surface, lots of freebies inc Chapeau chamios creme, Juice lubes, Velotoze etc…. not that I bribe shop staff…”

What was your first job in the bike industry?

“I’m relatively new to the cycle trade, I decide around five years ago that I needed a change of direction in my career. I have always been in Sales so I badgered all of the cycle trade distributors until someone caved in. It proves persistence works!”

Rep bonus question: Why should people choose to ride a Kask helmet?

Comfort, safety and style.”

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