BikesETC magazine reviews the Merlin Cordite

In a head-to-head £1500 Sportive bike test our Cordite came out on top. “Merlin has struck gold with its Cordite. It’s light and stiff, and feels great on the road” – 8.5/10

Here are a few quotes pulled from the review…

“We’d have no problem recommending it even to a relatively inexperienced mail-order buyer – just line up the handlebars, nip up the Allen key bolts and hit the road”.

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“What’s more, there’s a UCI sticker on the down tube, which means the frame has been put through the UCI’s testing procedure to approve it for road racing. That’s not something you get with every mass-produced Chinese carbon frame, and it’s another indicator that Merlin has done its homework.”

“What’s also attractive is Merlin’s new visual identity. The new logo is classy and the paintjob belies the bike’s price. The frame looks and feels quality.”


“Combined with its short head tube and conservative wheelbase, this bike definitely feels racier than the other bikes here, and we’d be very happy to use it at local closed-circuit criterium races where that BB height would allow you to get on the gas earlier out of tight corners.”

“Experienced riders will find it a really good all-day and sportive bike too, with its low weight and great components.”

“The choice of components, low weight and great frame made the Cordite a favourite among the BikesETC testers, and it really does look the business – not always a given with bikes that come direct from shops.”




Read more about the Merlin Cordite over at our retail website

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