Car vs Cyclist YouTube Compilation

Just a few videos highlighting the reasons why there’s so much tension between cyclists and drivers.

Since the evolution of the GoPro there’s been some top notch footage of accidents involving cyclists and cars.

Luckily, the majority of people escape uninjured and the video makes for really good liability evidence.

It wasn’t long back that the video of that “White Van Man” went viral, leading to him handing himself in as a result. Ahh the power of YouTube.

The videos we’ve put together highlight the ‘best’ altercations between cars and cyclists on the web.

Are ALL of these the motorists’ fault?

Car v cyclist

“This is why I ride with a camera on my bike.”

Taxi Dooring Fail Starts Argument | No Respect At All

“This cyclist rides along the sidewalk when suddenly a taxi passenger opens his door, “dooring” the cyclist. The business men simply get out of the car and walk away.”

Car Crashes into Cyclist | Stop Sign Optional

“When this cyclist bikes into an intersection, a car drives into the intersection without stopping at the stop sign and immediately crashes into him!”

Cyclist punched!

“Simon Page, Road rage. Shocking footage.”

Road Rage And Assault On Cyclist By Angry Driver

White van man assaults cyclist. *BAD LANGUAGE ALERT*

Essex Police Seeking The Cyclist Who Was Assaulted In This Video

“Essex Police are searching for the cyclist who posted this video of his altercation with a white van driver.” Probably the most infamous video of recent times. White van man knocks down cyclist before assaulting him. *BAD LANGUAGE ALERT*

Cyclist causes bad accident RUSSIA!Велосипедист вызывает аварию

BMXer cuts off a car causing it to swerve into the central reservation. BANG!

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