Review of Chimpanzee Energy Bars

In today’s crowded energy bar market getting someone to notice your product never mind taste it is difficult enough. Chimpanzee seems to have overcome this problem with a different and easy to remember name and looking further into their range you realise there’s way more to them than a catchy name.

chimp energy bars

The company has a policy of only using real food in their bars making them one of the few to produce all natural bars. Just take a look at the ingredients and you’ll see there’s no additives, artificial sweeteners, trans-fat chemicals or genetically modified organisms used.

They have a high protein and fibre content so they provide all the necessary nutrients from natural sources. An interesting choice of flavours also adds to their appeal and reinforces their natural ethos.

chimpanzee bar

Taste better than they look!

The crucial thing though is what do they taste like? The taste is as you would expect from a natural bar somewhat pleasing in that it is not as sugary and very easy to digest.

Having tested all the flavours our favourite is raisin and walnut but that’s not to rule out the others as they all had a refreshingly natural taste.

The immediate sensation is that they are not as syrupy as other bars but not as dry as others. You will need to drink with a bar but it doesn’t leave that desert dry feeling in your mouth that some can

At 55g for a standard bar it’s easy enough to eat on the go without leaving you feeling bulked and still gives the usual energy values for a bar of this size. We particularly liked the slim bars at 40g which are more suited to having as a quick snack and are very pleasant with a cuppa unlike some bars which can be just too sweet or hard to eat as they leave you feeling bulked.

The natural ingredients mean they are suitable for children and should avoid a sugar spike while the Beet Root and Carrot flavour is also gluten free, good news for any allergy sufferers. Try for yourself and see why these bars have made an immediate impression on us.

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