Clipless pedal FAIL YouTube compilation

As it’s the 25th Anniversary of the SPD pedal we’ve knocked up a playlist of clipless pedal fails.

Shimano’s famous SPuD clipless pedal was pretty much an instant hit amongst mountain bikers. Unfortunately, they take a bit of getting used to like all other clipless pedals.

The videos we’ve put together show exactly that. We bet this takes you for an embarrassing trip down memory lane.


Mountain Bike Crash – Clipless Pedal FAIL

“Clipless pedals can be a b*tch… Richmond Virginia – North Bank Trail”. Bit of bad language in this one.

Clipless Pedal Fail

“My friend tries to wheelie with his new clipless pedals. FAIL”. Elbow and coccyx. Oof.

MTB SPD shimano clipless pedal falls

“How not to use pedal clips”. Okay, someone needs to learn how to edit down their vids just as much as someone else needs to learn how to ride in SPDs. Still an amusing video though.

Clipless Fail

“Both these clips have appeared in previous videos of mine, but I thought that I’d combine them in one. Both were recorded during the 2012 London to Brighton bike ride.”

The sound of the slo-mo bit is priceless! Our favourite YouTube comment on this video was  – “If you listen closely you can hear the railings call that woman an idiot.”

A new Canondale [sic], clipless pedals, and a bit of pain.

“I popped my clipless pedals cherry today!” A nice illustration of the cons and pros of SPDs.

Clipless pedal fail

“On the way to the bike racks at work I wait to be waved past the HGV then forget to unclip fast enough when stopping at a pedestrian crossing.”

Clipless fall

“Utterly embarrassing, looked left to ensure no one was coming up my inside, misjudged the road camber whilst clipped in and over I went. Thank you to the gent who picked me up and where was the hole to swallow me?”

GoPro – Clipless pedal fail/fall

“Okay that was pretty embarrassing!”

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