Cycling Christmas Gifts For Under £20

You don’t have to spend mega bucks to make the cyclist in your life happy. You can get it wrong though. Here’s our pick of some risk-free bib-stocking fillers.

Here’s our pick of some things that are currently in our Christmas Gifts Under £20 shop category.

Books, books, books

sex lies and handlebar tape book cover

We’ve got shedloads of books. Covering different aspects of cycling and different aspects of life in general. Biographies, stories, histories, how to’s and all sorts of stuff.

Sex, Lies and Handlebar Tape (Merlin Cycle price £8.09) is a particularly eye-catching book. The no holds barred life story of cycling legend Jacque Anquetil. Makes for a great read for those interested in racing history.

Racing Weight Cookbook (Merlin Cycles price £15.25) delivers more than 100 easy to rustle up recipes for cyclists. At 240 pages you’ll never be stuck for what to have before (and after) a ride ever again.

Shiny things

portland design works king of ding ii (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)Portland Design Works King Of Ding II Brass Bell

Merlin Cycles price £13.50 (RRP £15.00)

Portland Design Works are based in America’s ‘cycling style capital’ (Portland, as their name suggests).

They’re a new startup brand specialising in a mix of products that simultaneously hark back to the old days but offer some modern day technology and aesthetics.

And they make the best bell in the business – the King Of Ding II.

topeak ratchet rocket light

Topeak Ratchet Rocket Lite

Merlin Cycles price £17.60 (RRP £22.00)

Stop using your regular multi tool for home repairs! We’ve all done it. Finally getting some proper tools for garage/shed/cellar use is a wonderful thing.

The Ratchet Rocket combines a high quality, robust ratchet, with nine tools in total. 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Allen keys, a T25 Torx bit, a Phillips screwdriver and a storage case.

Socks – are you short or long?

castelli gregge 12cm cycling sockChristmas = socks. It’s the law.

Cycling sock shoppers fall into two camps: short or long. There’s been a bit of move towards longer and longer socks over the past few years.

The calf-length trend began in the mountain bike world but has since spread into the road scene. Some socks, like the 20cm Castelli Venti Cycling socks (Merlin Cycles price £14.39), are verging on knee length. Oof!

But there will always be those who prefer the classic look of a short cycling sock, preferably in ice white from a brand with a decent racing pedigree. A good example would be the 6cm Castelli 3T Team Cycling sock (Merlin Cycles price £12.29).

Tour Tees

le coq sportif tour de france no 13 t-shirtDo you remember when the Tour De France to the UK? Of course you do. It was hard to miss and it wasn’t that long ago was it?

Anyway, this is probably one of the final chances you’ll have for bagging yourself some sort of memento of Le Grand Depart. There are a few different TdF T-shirts still available but we like the No.13 T-shirt from Le Coq Sportif (Merlin Cycles price £15.40).

We also have plenty of non-TdF T-shirts available if you were simply looking for a stylish bit of casual cycling-related clobber. The Morvelo Fast And Far T-shirt (Merlin Cycles price £17.50) is a good ‘un.

Pizza and beer

park tools pizza cutterTwo items essential for the discerning cyclist no matter what time of year it is. (Can you have pizza on Christmas Day? We can’t see why not.)

Both of these staple diet items have been lovingly catered for by Park Tool. The Park Tools Pizza Cutter (Merlin Cycles price £16.00) is an absolute classic cycling gift. It’s capable of cycling through deep-dish as well as thin-crust pizzas.

The Park Tools Bottle Opener (Merlin Cycles price £7.19) is without a shadow of a doubt, one of those products that evokes an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement when put to use.

More drinking

camelbak limited edition podium bottle

Contrary to popular belief there are other things apart from alcohol that you can drink at Christmas.

In fact, if you’re out on a bike ride the last thing that you need is alcohol. It’s just not a good idea. It makes you susceptible to the cold as well as other wobbly factors.

Sermon over.

The best bottle you can get is the Camelbak Podium Bottle (Merlin Cycles price £7.19). Self-sealing no-leak system, lock-able valve for transit, light, easy-to-squeeze.

We currently have some Limited Edition versions sporting colourways symbolising the Giro D’ Italia, Tour De France, La Vuelta and the Tour of Britain.

Christmas lights

raleigh skully led light setDo you live near one of those nutters who covers their whole house and garden with thousands and thousands of Christmas lights? Or are you your neighbourhood’s nutter?

Either way, add to the seasonal illumination insanity with a set of bike lights.

You could go down the regular route of getting some normal LED lights. But where’s the fun in that? What you want to get is a set of Raleigh Skully Front and Rear LED light set (Merlin Cycles price £19.99).

They make for a good gift for the never-grew-up commuter or for actual kids.

Smartphone protection

topeak smartphone drybag

You can stop raiding the kitchen drawer for freezer bags now. Get yourself some weatherproofing for your Best Friend – your smartphone.

In these days of Social Fitness and GPS-enabled phones there aren’t many people who venture out on their bike without wishing to have their phone somewhere handy near their person.

The Topeak Smartphone Drybag (Merlin Cycles price £17.99 for 4″, £17.99 for 5″) holds your phone in a weatherproof environment whilst also offering the option of mounting it on-view on your bars or stem.

The Drybag Waterproof from RSP (Merlin Cycles price £12.95) is a more minimalist stow-away affair but offers the same amount of bad weather peace-of-mind.

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