Cycling Christmas Gifts For Under £500

Christmas gifts at this price usually mean one thing – you’re buying for yourself! Hey, there’s no shame in that. Everyone likes to treat themselves now and then and if you can’t do it at Christmas when can you do it? 

Here’s our pick of some things that are currently in our Christmas Gifts Under £500 category.

11789_thomson_elite_dropper_seatpostThomson Elite Dropper Post

Merlin Cycles price £234.98 (RRP £349.99)

Dropper posts are becoming pretty much the norm on trail-riding mountain bikes. The RockShox Reverb is the one that everyone knows but in our opinion the best dropper post out there at the moment is the Thomson Elite one.

It’s light, it has a really positive feeling actuation, it’s reliable, it’s serviceable, it’s re-buildable. It’s a Thomson.

The best thing is, you can have a Thomson seatpost back on your bike – this time with up-and-downy-ness!

14865_garmin_virb_hd_action_camera (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)Garmin VIRB – HD Action Camera

Merlin Cycles price £242.99 (RRP £269.99)

Shoot HD point-of-view video. Genuine 1080P video and 16 megapixel photo function (you can even take photos whilst you’re recording video).

Comes with a variety of mounts in the box (curved surface, flat surface etc). The sharp wideangle lens offers a wide field of view for eye-catching video without having to be overly-precise with how the camera is mounted or pointed.

It’s waterproof out of the box to IPX7 level ie it’s protected against water immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 metre.

Unlike some other action cameras the VIRB has a built-in LCD screen. This is for menus, previewing/framing video and also video and photo playback.

15621_smith_forefront_mountain_biking_helmet_blackSmith Optics Forefront MTB helmet

Merlin Cycles price £171.00 (RRP £190.00)


The season’s must-have noggin protector for the discerning enduro rider or racer. Available in black, white or orange.

As well as looking the part, the Forefront has some unique design and construction. It’s not made of polystyrene like every other helmet in the world. It’s made of a honeycomb-like material called Koroyd. Google it if you want. It’s kinda interesting.

11575_beone_storm_sport_road_bike (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)BeOne Bikes Bargains

Under £500 is the point where you can start to find some worthwhile, good quality bicycles being offered in the sales. We have a bunch of such bikes from BeOne. These bikes were great choices even at their RRP prices.

We don’t have all sizes available in a lot of these models but it’s certainly worth you having a quick look to see what we have. They won’t be around for long.

The BeOne Storm Sport road bike – Merlin Cycles price £449.00 (RRP £669.00) – would make for either an 11585_beone_jade_sport_ladies_road_bike (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)excellent starter bike or a capable training bike.

A quality aluminium frame finished in a proper paintjob. The fork up front is a carbon one, which is a really benefit on a bike such as this as it makes for a lighter and less harsh front end.

The drivetrain is Shimano’s workshorse groupset – Sora. The finishing kit is all decent stuff from Clever.

The Jade Sport Ladies road bike – Merlin Cycles price £449.99 (RRP £669.00) – is the same type of bike as the Storm Sport but in a women’s specific geometry, colourway and finishing kit.

What about off-the-road bikes? Well, the BeOne CRD Sport Ltd Alloy 29er mountain bike – Merlin Cycles 12432_beone_crd_sport_ltd_alloy_29er_mountain_bikeprice £325.00 (RRP £599.00) – is possibly the best bargain bike that we currently have.

For a few quid over £300 you can enter the world of 29″ big wheel rock ‘n’ rolling.

The heart of this bike -as with any bike – is the frame. The CRD is a nice aluminium frameset that will see you right for many a year to come.

There’s a 100mm suspension fork up front. Shimano provide the gears, disc brakes and wheels. So no worries there. The available sizes are really limited so shorter folk may be disappointed. If you ain’t short – take a look.

16712_castelli_gabba_2_convertible_cycling_jacketCastelli Gabba 2 Convertible Cycling Jacket

Merlin Cycles price £197.99 (RRP £220.00)

Ah, the Gabba. It’s rapidly become more than a Castelli item; it’s become the name of a type of cycling jacket in itself. Other companies explain their copycat jackets by saying “this is our Gabba”.

There’s still no one who makes a Gabba jacket quite like Castelli. It’s the original and it’s the best.

What’s so good about the Gabba? It’s warm but not hot. It’s genuinely breathable. It’s shrugs off a surprising amount of rain water. It’s an aerodynamic fit but doesn’t make you look like a wannabe try-hard.

It’s a year-round genius piece of clobber that no one has ever regretted buying.

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