Dahon Folding Bikes

Merlin Cycles have recently introduced a range of folding bikes from Dahon and over the summer they’ve been proving quite a hit. Practical and good value, let look at the reasons why you might want to own one.

Prices start from £289.99 which for a folding bike is a pretty good deal and top out at £494.95 so none of the 5 bikes in the range are going to break the bank. Before talking about the finer points of the range we must surely address the issue of putting one together.dahoncoll

Dahon claim that the entire range can be unfolded and put into a functioning bike in 15 seconds. To test this out we asked the least practical members of staff to put one up and they managed to achieve this quite easily. Since the main feature and reason for owning of these is the folding nature of it, then it’s good to know that you can be off in now time.


There are many reasons for owning a folding bike and pretty much all of them are down to space. They are made for people who need to get about on 2 wheels but for whatever reason haven’t the space to store one. The most popular application for these bikes are for people who commute by train, it is often difficult if not impossible to get a bike on a train at rush hour and this is an ideal solution.

You can quite happily ride to the station, fold the bike up and pop it in the luggage aisle until you get to your destination and then unfold and pedal to work. It really is worth considering these bikes as an option if a train is involved in your daily commute, we’ve sadly heard stories of people being refused entry onto trains with a bike even if it’s empty! The Dahon’s mean there’s certainly one less stress to think about and they all come with a rack to carry all your work related gear on.


Folding bikes have also proved popular with people who own boats. Space is at a premium on a barge or pleasure cruiser so unless you’ve got a huge yacht then you’re going to need one of these if you fancy getting off the water. Similarly plenty of caravan owners buy these or riders with big estate cars or 4×4’s. You can fit these easily into your boot and still get luggage in if your car is big enough and it saves on buying a rack.

You can ride for a good few miles on these bikes and they will tackle a few hills but if you are looking for a longer serious ride then these aren’t for you. If there’s one drawback to folding bikes then it’s the miles you can cover on them. They are great for moving round the city or a pleasurable ride down a tow path but we reckon less than 10 miles at any one time.  Of course we do have a full range of bikes at Merlin Cycles and if you need something for a long ride or tackling the mud then check out your options via the link!


One final word, Dahon are credited with producing the world’s first modern folding bike, so you’ve got some peace of mind knowing that the brand has good heritage.

Dahons: https://www.merlincycles.com/dahon-vybe-c7a-folding-bike-2014-69950.html

Merlin’s full range: https://www.merlincycles.com/bikes-44105/

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