Dogs Riding Bikes YouTube Compilation

Cute or concerning? You have to worry about the sanity of the owners of these canines.

Norman the bike-riding dog cycles along street

“The affectionately named Norman the Scooter Dog, who lives in the US, has learned to ride a bicycle. Report by Sophie Foster”

Dogs on tricycles – Guinness World Records Classics

“A record of 37.59 seconds was set for the Fastest Time for a Dog to Cycle 20 Meters on a Tricycle on the Japanese Guinness World Records TV Show, in 2002.”

Japanarama Clip Dalmatian Riding a Bike.mpg

“A Dalmatian riding a Tricycle.. Gold!!!!!!”

GoPro dog rides mountain bike

“My mate Swami and I set up a new mount for the Gopro that runs off the frame (attached to the drink bottle bolts) and it has an extendable pole that sticks up. My dog loves riding on my bike so we went to the wet lands and had a mountain bike ride.”

dog sit back and enjoy bicycle ride

“A funny scene from China street!”

Amazing: Well-trained dog rides a bike

“This two-year-old hound has been entertaining people in China’s Kunming city with a surprising array of tricks. Report by Laurie Blake.”

Dogs riding in bike seat

“Pnut Butter and Jelly enjoying a ride on the back of my bike”

Dog riding a bike in the park

“A dog riding a bike..”

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