Eurobike roundup

Pretty much all the world’s cycling press is over in Germany at the moment. Eurobike is the prime place for the launch of new stuff for 2016. Here’s out pick of what the cycling websites have found so far…


Sram eTap wireless groupset –


Tap the left brake lever to downshift the rear mech. Tap the right brake lever to upshift the rear mech. Tap both brake levers at the same time to shift between chainrings at the front. Initially sounds weird but we reckon in practice this way of shifting makes a great deal of sense.


Yeti SB4.5C – Singletrackworld


A new twenty niner trail bike from Yeti. The 4.5C sports – you guessed it – 4.5″ of travel and it’s made of finest carbon fibre magic. The suspension design is their Switch Infinity eccentric pivot jobber.


Cervelo R3 Disc – Cycling Weekly


Soon to be seen under the chamois of Team MTN-Qhubeka. Pretty much the same as the non-disc R3 geometry-wise but this version has a tweaked back end to better deal with the braking forces of disc brakes.


FSA wireless groupset – Bikeradar


Honestly, you wait several decades for a wireless drivetrain to come along and then two come along at once! Realistically speaking though this groupset doesn’t appear to be quite fully there yet. Early January is the claim but we’ll be surprised if that comes true.


Giro Montaro helmet – Dirt


Since Dirt stopped producing a real-world paper magazine their online coverage of things has seen a vast improvement. Nice big detailed photos of product here with all the essential you need. Case in point: this excellent new trail/enduro lid from Giro.


Maxxis Double Down tyre casing – Vital MTB


Although the Double Down name implies something super hardcore DH, this new tyre casing isn’t too crazy hefty. It’s like a more supportive and tougher version of Maxxis’ EXO sidewalls but with a minimal weight penalty (100g).


ENVE full carbon road hubs – BikeRumor


Carbon shelled hubs aren’t anything new but fully carbon hubs – flanges and all – are something of a first. It’s probably best not to ask about the price tag. Let’s just hope the technology trickles down at some point.


Selle Royal Scientia saddles – Bicycle Retailer


A range of nine saddles designated and differentiated by two main rider characteristics: riding position (how far bent over) and their Ischial variation (sit bone measurement). Sounds remarkably similar to how Prologo do things but Selle’s Scientia range look a bit less full-on racesnake.


Castelli Gabba being phased out – Velonews


Hang on. Don’t worry. It’s only the name ‘Gabba’ that’s being phased out (copyright reasons or something). The not-Gabba range is actually going to get bigger with more thickness and weighting options.


DMR Deathgrip er, grips – Enduro MTB


Designed by none other than big-jawed DH super-styler Brendan ‘Brendog’ Fairclough, these new grips form DMR look ace. Single locking clamp but with a tapered core. Waffle main, grid fingertip zone and a cool moto ribbed inner and flange.


Bonkers Trefecta e-bike –


4kW motor. 60 volt lithium ion battery. 14-speed Rohlof Speedhub and SmeshGear transmission. 70kph top speed. 100km range. €22,500. You’ll need a license to ride one of these machines in the UK.


New dropper post from Crank Bros – Singletrackworld


Crank Bros came out with one of the first dropper seatposts – the infamous Joplin (which was actually a Speedball Maverick seatpost really but we digress..) The new High Line post will actually be their 3rd dropper post design – remember the ill-fated Kronolog? – so let’s hope they’ve learned from their mistakes.


New hubs for Zipp Firecrests – Cycling Weekly


No more preload adjustment. Zipp are making wild claims of the hubs being maintenance free. We shall see. The ‘rear hub cassette holder’ (isn’t that we call a freehub?) can be swapped out and changed. The hubs will even be Sram XD body compatible for running wide-range 1x drivetrain systems.


Stages go carbon – Bikeradar


Finally! Stages have previously only been able to get accurate and consistent readings from their strain gauges when they were in metal cranks. Now they’ve solved the carbon conumdrum we’ll be seeing Stages Power meters available for carbon cranks from Campagnolo, Sram and FSA.


Smith goggles – Dirt


We think we can spot a couple of new goggle models in these pics from Dirt but we’re not 100% sure. They make so many different models in so many different colourways that it’s impossible to keep track!


Marzocchi are not going anywhere just yet – Vital MTB


Marzocchi are having another of their fairly regular periods of doubt as to who – if anyone – owns them. Current owner Tenneco is trying to sell the company to someone but there’s been no confirmation at to any likely buyer or alternative future. Despite all this sideshow, they’ve got a full range of 2016 product to show. Including this new dropper post which may make it into production early next year.


Rotor’s hydraulic drivetrain


After the wireless drivetrains from Sram and FSA mentioned above this funky looking offering from Rotor almost looks a bit old fashioned. Retro-futuristic maybe? The basic principle is to replace metal cabling and chunky outer cabling which very narrow hydraulic lines. Saves weight and doesn’t suffer from any cable binding or dirt ingress.


New wild designs from O’Neal – Dirt


O’Neal are many things – good performing, good value, good fit, good durability – but subtle they ain’t. Look at this genius bit of eyesore-tastic graphic design. We can’t help wondering if the whole dummy is kitted out with this design…


New knobs from Schwalbe – Bikerumor


Schwalbe have completely changed their Fat Albert tyres. Gone is the blocky design of the past. In its place is something that looks wider spaced, curvy and a little bit weird.


Carbon wheels and a mahoosive cassette from e13 – Enduro MTB


A cassette that ranges from 9T to 44T! Available in either 10 speed or 11 speed flavours. The cassette is very, very expensive but it is fairly modular in nature so you can replace individual sections of the cassette as and when it wears out. e13 also unveiled some new carbon wheels with a hookless bead design and a 27mm wide internal rim width.


Look KéO Power pedals go ANT+ – Bikeradar


In a decision that Look have no doubt regretted an awful lot of the past few years, Keo Power pedals didn’t used to work with very many bike computers. This was because they didn’t use the common ANT+ communication technology (Keo only worked with some Polar computers). Finally Look have seen sense and made their power meter pedals work with ANT+ devices. About time.


New POC mountain helmets – Dirt


Two new helmets for MTB coming from POC. One of which is a lighter version of the Tectal – the Tectal Race, which looks like the lovechild of a roadie Octal and a regular Tectal. The other new helmet is a bit of  mystery for now. POC are using a new shell material for their helmets. Called M Forge which is claimed to be more durable, lighter and better at handling multiple impacts.


New shades and clobber from BBB – Enduro MTB


We don’t usually do much in the way of clothing from BBB but we do stock lots of their eyewear and mighty fine it is too. It looks like the Dutch company are branching out into clothing for 2016. We quite like the look of their tapered baggy shorts.


Shimano 1x drivetrain for the road? – Bikeradar


Shimano Metrea. It’s only a concept product at the moment and one that’s seemingly aimed at leisure bikes and city commuters. But this stuff has got the guys and gals from Bikeradar wondering if there are bigger plans for a 1x system for road bikes in the works from Shimano?


Fizik change their foot shape and closure system – Bikeradar


Fizik have re-modelled the forefoot area of their shoes. It’s now a bit wider. They’ve also moved some models over to a Boa closure system albeit a Boa that uses a single wire as opposed to the more usual two wire design.


Hope carbon bars? – Enduro MTB


Hope have made no secret of their desire to have a go at producing some carbon fibre products. Being Hope, they want to do it all in-house. Enduro MTB have a pic of the first prototype handlebars. They also have details of Hope’s new Pro4 hub.


Oversize jockey wheels from CeramicSpeed – BikeRadar


No doubt aimed at the will-try/buy-anything triathletes out there, these huge 17T jockey wheels claim to save you 3w (based on a 250w output). You’ll need to change the lower cage of your rear mech to one of CeramicSpeed’s cages too.


Magura’s wireless dropper post – Bikeradar


Everything’s going wireless. This post doesn’t actually go down at the press of a button, it still needs the weight of rider on it to lower the saddle. The wireless bit basically replaces the cabling. It’s a bit of a funny one this but who knows what this technology may lead to..?

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