Fat Bike YouTube Compilation

We’ve put together a few choice Fat Bike videos to get your imagination running wild. These are Fat Bikes that have escaped the confines of sand and snow!

Mountain bike tyre sizes have been the creative marketing point of most bike manufacturers for the past few years.

With the introduction of the Fat Bike, more effort has been put into promoting wide, grippy, motocross style tyres to scratch a peculiar cycling itch.

There are various “it makes sense when” claims made about Fat Bikes (sand dunes, snow etc) but the real reason people wanna ride Fat Bikes is… people wanna Fat Bikes. “Just because” is a perfectly valid reason.

We’ve dropped in a funny video at the end as we know getting through Monday morning can be a challenge.

(If you get that excited then check out our Felt Fat Bikes)

Freeriders Shred Fat Bikes On Snow

“Fat bike backflips?¬†A few days of experimenting and shredding in BC’s coastal mountains opened all our eyes to the spectacular terrain that’s available for fat biking, and it proved to us that the only limitations for these bikes are our own preconceived notions.”

Fat Bike at Rays // ARISTOTLE PETERS

“Aristotle Peters riding his Schlick Cycles APE at Ray’s MTB Indoor Park in Milwaukee, WI”

Surly Necromancer Pugsley fatbike

“Playing around with a surly necromancer pug, using the benefits of a fatbike”

Gravity riders Aaron Gwin and Mitch Ropelato gets rowdy on Specialized FatBoys

“Specialized Racing Downhill riders Aaron Gwin and Mitch Ropelato takes the new 2015 Specialized FatBoy fat bikes out for a test ride – goon riding on mostly unfamiliar trails. GoPro chesty POV on Mitch. Trail: Pipeline, Toro State Park. Fat bike = bike with XXL wide (4.6 inches wide) tyres.”

Fat Bike Haar – Moonlander, Mukluk and Pugsley in the Fog

“Foggy coastal ride to Dunbar, Scotland. Tom’s first proper beach ride on a fat bike, borrowing Bruce’s Pugsley. Five people, four fat bikes and a horse named Orion.”

Fat Bike Crash

“Urban ride around the city of Pittsburgh”

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