Finish Line Fiascos YouTube Compilation

And it was all going so well. A collection of unfortunate incidents that have happened at the very last seconds of bike races. Road rash-tastic!

Let’s start with a classic…

Tour de France-The Policemans Crash

“The spectacular crash on Stage 1 in 1994 when Belgian rider Wilfried Nelissen hit a policeman,resulting in mayhem.”

Milán-San Remo 2004 – Zabel ha alzato le braccia troppo presto!!

Erik Zabel lifts his arms in the air to celebrate winning the 2004 Milan-San Remo. But it’s actually Oscar Freire who pipsqueaks the victory. A classic Classic. Fast forward to about 16mins to get to the good bit.

Fail. Bike Crash at finish line, puke.

“Fail. Crash at finish line, puke.
Rider crashes around last corner, then pukes.”


Sam Hill was well on the way to an incredible victory after a jaw-droppingly awesome run down the World Championship Val Di Sole course in 2008. And then he binned it at the last corner.

Four Person Cycling Fail | Tour of Vail

“This cycling race in Vail, Colorado was a win for one, but fail for others when four bikes crashed near the finish line. Love biking fails?”

Tour of Somerville cyclist crashes as he crosses the finish line for the win

“”At least he won” is all I can say when the Noah Granigan comes in for the win, throws his hands up in the air and loses control of his bike falling hard.”

Cyclist crashes on finish line! [FAIL!]

Short but perfect video. Immaculately composed shot.

Overconfident Cyclist Crashes Just Before Finish Line

“ presents, “Overconfident Cyclist Crashes Just Before Finish Line” An overconfident bicyclist raises his hands and crashes just before the finish line leaving him to place second. Good object lesson.”

Epic Fail – Falling Off Bike On The Mall – Prudential RideLondon 2014

“Beat the elements of Hurricane Bertha, but the Finish Line was just too much epic wipeout!!!”

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