Folding Bike YouTube Compilation

We’ve put together a few videos to show you that folding bikes aren’t as boring as they seem. Especially if piloted by a nutter.

They’re the perfect commuting machine but we’ve found a few different ways to put them through their paces.

If you’re sceptical as to how easy these bikes are put together, take a look at the last video. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist, trust me.

Check out Team Clonc take the folding bike off the road and onto the street and Swissbike’s folding MTB take to the trails.

There’s no stopping the modern folding bike!

Team Clonc

These guys have taken riding folding bikes to a new level. Bunnyhops, jumps, 180’s and a bit of off roading just for good measure. Check it!

Swissbike X90 – Full-Size Folding Mountain Bike

Not all folding bikes are for commuting. This 26″ folding hard-tail makes riding far away trails a doddle.

Mobiky folding bike BMX

“A new kind of bike test made at IFMA bicycle show 07”

Excel Nocturne 2013 Folding Bike Race

“Folding Bike Race Heat 1” – Next step, take the folding bikes to the velodrome. Rio 2016 here we come!

Racing folding bikes @ Hardwood Ski and BIke

“Racing a coaster brake folding bike at Hardwood Ski and Bike”

How to put up and put down a Dahon folding bike

We thought we’d put folding bikes to the test. I hadn’t tried folding and unfolding a Dahon before so we took to the show room to try one out.

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