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AKA a walk round the shop as requested by our followers. Here’s some wider pics of our retail store and bike showroom.


The Castelli wall

It’s Tour de France time (you may have noticed) and this always sees a surge in interest in high quality race performance clobber. Featured in this pic is our friendly dummy decked out Cannondale-Garmin livery standing proud next some excellent Castelli socks (no one makes socks as good as Castelli’s), the famed Gabba, a few new T-shirt designs and some other choice jerseys and gilets.


David Millar getting changed

Is it helpful or off-putting having Mr Millar gaze down upon thee as you try to wrestle on a ridiculously optimistically sized piece of Italian cycling clothing? We don’t know. Our customers don’t seem to mind. Maybe we should ask them..?


BBB and Lezyne shiny stations

The BBB board is the practical place. Full of tools and staple goods like bottle cages. No nonsense reliable stuff that we all need. The Lezyne stand is where we keep more of the fancy super styling gadgets and stuff.


Impulse buys

You know how supermarkets put all the sweets and painkillers at the till? Well, we do that too. Aren’t we evil? To be fair it is more to do with the sort of common bitty stuff that we get asked for by customers just as they’re halfway through a transaction. Honest guv.


The sweet shop

You’d be pretty buzzing after consuming this shelf load of stuff. We’ve got three shelves of sports nutrition stuff in total.


Camelbak stable

One side of double-sided Camelbak island. You can always find an excuse to get yet another Camelbak can’t you? You need at least one for every possible combination of season and ride type, so… that’s at least twenty viable options!


Oakley cabinet no.1

We have two cabinets in total for our Oakley collections. This one is generally where we display the very latest versions. The new Prizm shades are certainly getting a lot of attention.


Two-tone Sensa Giulia

It was whilst roaming the bike showroom that I noticed that the 2015 Sensa Giulias come with two-tone bar tape. Natty! It’s funny the things you miss/notice.


Tacx VR turbo trainer

If you’ve ever wanted to have a spin on a turbo or you have a turbo and want to see about upgrading to a Virtual Reality racing one, then pop down to our shop and hop on board the Sensa Aquila SL sportive bike that we have permanently wired up and ready to roll


The Church of St Colnago

This is probably the most slowly-walked past section in the bike showroom. It seems everyone wants to have a closer look at a nice Colnago or two. Or six.


Hope squeeze-me

No one has lost a fingertip whilst using this tempting bit of kit display but it’s probably only a matter of time. If you get tired of squeezing the brake levers on the display bikes (we all do it) then we also have some Hope disc brakes set up on a plinth ready for your eager mitts.


Transition Scout and TR500

A lovely pair of Trannies. The Scout has a modest amount of travel but it has some exciting geometry behind it. It’s a rather unique idea that has been getting a whole load of fans. The TR500 is Transition’s full-on downhill bike. And this highlighter yellow TR500 is proper rad.


Yeti SB stack

The SB is one of Yeti’s most popular designs and it’s available in either 27.5″ wheels or in a 29er guise. The marketing men can struggle to describe the SB bikes because they’re just… well, normal trail bikes. Really excellent normal trail bikes.


Smith Optics cabinet

Somehow the Smith Optics cabinet always seems to look like it’s full of several million little lights. That’s the power of dinky LEDs and mirrors we guess.  Despite our accidental best efforts to hide them, the Forefront helmets are the items that most customers want to see and feel in the flesh.

Felt Compulsion 50

Felt Compulsion 50

Another”never noticed that before” moment. The Felt Compulsion 50 has colour coded detailing on the finishing kit and even on the fork. I never noticed that before. I really should try opening my eyes a bit more.

Sensa Dura

Sensa Dura

Not many of these left. 2014 Sensa Dura (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists) speed machine. For time trials and triathlons. We’ve put some deep section Supra wheels on this display bike, just to make it look even faster. A very capable fast bike for well under £2k.


Bags of OTE

We like OTE. We really like their product ethos, their packaging and even their point-of-sale displays. OTE have that skill to make it all look easy and obvious, “why doesn’t everyone do it that way?” Okay, so their vanilla energy drink is a bit mental but we’ll let them off for that.


Smell the gloves (and backpacks)

A mountain bike-centric part of the shop. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by how popular the Evoc packs have been. There are plenty of people who are put off Camelbaks by their ubiquity just as much as other folk see this as tacit recommendation. Our full-finger glove selection seems to grow every week.


A cascade of Kasks

We will burn in Hell for displaying them on rival brand prongs but until we get our proper prongs from Kask they’ll have to do. Sorry Kask! You may recognise the helmet in the middle; Chris Froome’s been wearing one for most of this year’s Tour De France. Okay, so his is yellow rather than white but you know what we mean.


Pink smells

Our shop and workshop staff’s hands have never been so clean. Juice Lubes Hand Cleaner has quite the most wonderful and addictive smell in the whole world. We can’t quite place our finger (ha!) on exactly what it does smell like. Blackpool Rock meets Anglo Bubbly?


Full of Sportful

Set adjacent to the Castelli wall like a pair of fueding brothers who need to kept apart, our Sportful collection goes down extremely well with riders looking for a classic but slightly alt brand. Stuff that looks a tiny bit retro but doesn’t dip its toes into the world of naff or compromises on performance.


Retro cycling canvas mounted prints

Retro cycling canvas mounted prints

We acquired these when we moved to our current premises but we’ve never quite found time to stick them up on the walls so they’re plonked and leant up in and around the bike showroom. As it happens they act as a nice bit of ornate colour amidst all the metal and carbon.


The Great Wall of PR7

Here’s a big reason why we’re keeping Goods In out of the delivery and loading area for this week – last week’s arrival of the 2016 Merlin Performance PR7 road bikes has taken over the world! Well, it’s certainly taken up a lot of room and a lot of our mechanics’ manpower to keep up with demand.

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