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It’s back and radder than ever! After a January break our world famous “Goods In” series returns to claim the glory. Here’s the past week’s new arrivals.


Sensa Giulia G2 fancy frameset

If you’re an extra special person you can persuade us to order you in a Sensa Giulia frame in a non-standard colourway. You also have to stump up a bit more cash but that’s by the by. What price uniqueness? The new Giulia is a lovely, lovely road frame no matter what colour scheme you get one in.


Altura womens jacket

CheckoutNevis | CheckoutNightVision

We’ve got a HUGE sale on of Altura Autumn-Winter clobber. Seeing as winter doesn’t appear to be ever ending this year, it makes extra sense to equip yourself with some suitable garment at bargain-tastic prices. Here’s the women’s Altura Nevis II and Night Vision jackets.


Altura Team long sleeve jersey


One of our personal favourite garments from the aforementioned HUGE Altura sale. High wicking quick-dry fabric. Performance fit. 3 rear pockets. Full length front zip. Plenty of colour options. Less than half price at the mo too.


BBB BSG-50 Summit sunglasses


BBB go POC? A more affordable dayglo enduro sunny. Sport glasses with special “quick-snap” system which allows you to change the lens easily. Variety of lenses and temple tip colours available separately. High-end Grilamid frame with adjustable rubber nose piece. With extra lenses: yellow and clear.


Morgan Blue bargain bucket


Okay, it’s not really called a bargain bucket (we imagine The Colonel would have something to say about that) but this most definitely is a bucket full of bargain. It’s a one-stop-shop of all-you-ever-need bike cleaning bits. 1l of bike wash. 125ml of synthetic lube. A chain keeper (these make life SO much easier). 250ml degreaser. Chain brush. Cloth. CD of maintenance tips. And of course, a bucket.


2016 Shimano women’s MTB shoes

CheckoutMW64 | CheckoutMW34 | CheckoutMW53

How do you like to do up your cycling shoes? With a ratchet? Velcro straps? Or just some regular laces? Shimano have got you covered whatever shoes you choose to play in the dirt with.


2016 Shimano men’s MTB shoes

CheckoutAM9 | CheckoutAM7 | Checkout AM5

Shimano have expanded their iconic flap-over-laces AM range of shoes. There’s a couple more price points to be had now as well as the general reworking of the shoe designs. The SPD versions have seen the most reworking and now have a remodelled sole as well as cleat location cut-out box.


Shimano R321 SPD-SL road shoes


We’ve also had a drop of 2016 Shimano road cycling shoes. These are the top of the line R321 SPD-SL jobbers. Custom-Fit material in the upper is mouldable to conform to your foot contours. Moulded toe box for support and protection. Custom-Fit insoles. New aerodynamic wrap around upper design reduces drag and also gives even tension across the top of the foot. Full length Hollow Channel uni-directional carbon fibre sole. Anti-slip heel lining prevents heel lift by using a knitted in silicon based material. Dynalast sole construction offers an extra 11mm of cleat adjustment for perfect shoe-to-pedal fit.


Giro Saga women’s road helmet


The new Saga offers many of Giro’s best features including durable In-Mold Construction and the Roc Loc 5 fit system with two-way fit adjustment. The slim design is very light, offers impressive ventilation and is available in three sizes so that you can get a helmet that looks, fits and feels bob-on.


A2Z MTB quick releases


Remember QRs? Remember purple anodising?


Arundel Gecko bar tape


Arranged artfully into the colours of the Romanian flag. Why? Mainly by accident but they’re a nice combo of colours aren’t they?

If you’re more of a Deda person then here is some Deda bar tape in similarly Romanian colours (okay, so we had to flip the pic to get the colours in the correct order)….




Dainese Armoform knee pads


Gotta love Dainese marketing: “Featuring a functional pattern inspired by the fractals principle – nature’s language used to create complex structures – that now becomes Dainese’s protective design code.”
The articulated joint allows the guard to extend when the knee bends, hence following accurately the movements, ensuring the pads stay in place.


Giro Scamp kids helmet


“For junior shredders”. Yes! Reminiscent of the adult Giro Montaro helmet. Which brings us on nicely to…


Giro Montaro MIPS helmet


Giro go enduro. “From long climbs to rowdy, technical descents, the Montaro MIPS helmet inspires your ride no matter where the trail takes you. Its compact shape offers deep, confident coverage, and the Roc Loc Air fit system boosts ventilation while improving fit. In addition to this helmet’s already impressive cooling power, it’s outfitted with hydrophilic, anti-microbial pads that can absorb up to ten-times their weight in sweat.”


Giro Sonnet MIPS women’s helmet


The slim shape offers impressive ventilation thanks to 25 vents and the comfortable convenience of the adjustable Roc Loc 5 fit system. And with MIPS technology, the Savant MIPS offers an added measure of protection in certain impacts. MIPS WTF?


Time Atac XC12 Ti Carbon


Titanium AND carbon?! OMG. The Holy Duo of cycling wonder materials. Time pedals are always a popular choice for those who like a bit of a floaty pedal. And those who ride in thick mud and/or snow (because of the open design).


Hope floating rotor


These rotors have a stainless steel braking surface riveted to an aluminium central carrier. As well as offering a significant weight saving, they also allow the rotors to expand or contract with changes in temperature. And this one is purple.


Michelin Airstop butyl inner tubes


Not a new product but we know how you lot like a nice “box shot”. Michelin have always been great at packaging design since their beginnings way back in the 19th century. These 21st century inner tube boxes continue that proud tradition.


Zipvit Sport ZV7 gel in dessert flavours

Checkitout (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

Cherry Bakewell or rhubarb and custard flavour? The choice is yours!


Vittoria Fraxion Hybrid Aero wheelset

Checkitout (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

No, the name doesn’t mean that these wheels are for hybrid trekking bikes. Far from it. These are some pretty swish wheels for slotting into your race rig whenever you’re heading to a fast course or doing a time trial (shudder). Medium-profile clincher wheel. 45 mm front rim, a50 mm deep rear rim. Vittoria’s WSR design for wider tire footprint (23-28mm).

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